Not Your Usual Trophy Head

I find taxidermy kind of creepy.  I don’t see the majesty or the artistry.  I just see some poor dead animal with doleful eyes permanently affixed to your wall. This squeamishness does present a problem if I were ever to have that dream ski chalet in the Alps.  (OK, technically it’s Mr. N’s dream because I only ski under protest).

Braunwald, famous Swiss skiing resort

Anyway, my decorating dilemma is fixed thanks to a handful of companies that now do quirky taxidermy-like animals for walls.  I discovered these companies at Top Drawer last week.

First up, Miho, an Italian company whose tagline is “unexpected things” which is definitely what they produce.   Their animals are playful and created in either bright coloured plastic or patterned wood.

Carola Van Dyke shows us an alternative for trophy heads with textile taxidermy.  She uses offcuts of fabric, real antler horns and glass eyes in her creations.  Her products are available at Liberty London and Anthropologie USA, among other stockists.

If you fancy rather cute and cuddly trophy heads, Scandi-chic has a really wide selection.  My favourite is the poodle which was just added to their collection.  His poodle curls are just so soft and furry.  Scandi-chic also do smaller trophy hoods which are attached to hooks or book ends.

Continuing on with the slightly more practical but also decorative trophy head, Danish brand, Rice, have a rhino whose horn also doubles as a light.  It’s quite the witty statement in bright green.

photo:  NYLon Living

photo: NYLon Living

So, would you ever have trophy heads (real or otherwise) in your home?  You know where I stand – definitely in the amusing, plastic/wood/fluffy camp.  Now, all I need is the chalet in the Alps.

photo credit:  Miho, Carola Van Dyke and chic-home, except as noted

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