Our Travels

My husband and I love to travel.  We seem to have infected our children with the travel bug, too, because they are intrepid explorers now, as comfortable at home as anywhere else.

girl with luggage

If you would like to read about specific places we’ve been, here is a list of my travel posts.  It’s sadly not complete because I don’t post about everywhere we go, just some of the more interesting facets of our adventures.

Abu Dhabi

I took the children without my husband to Abu Dhabi for a week and they loved it.  I wrote about the entertainment (water parks, pools etc) as well as eating out with the children.


I travelled to Copenhagen for a design bloggers’ conference and thought the city was just very pretty.  I’m sure my children will enjoy it and I can’t wait to go back.


We visit so many places in England and I am remiss in not writing about them! One of our favourite historic towns is Rye in East Sussex.  I have also taken my daughter to see Pevensey Castle in East Sussex. More family-friendly, Hever Castle, is a beautiful day out in the Kent countryside.

In fact, I realise I have written only a few posts on London – about its annual local fairs, its St. Patricks Day celebration in Trafalgar SquareKenwood House in Hampstead and Highgate Cemetery.  Would you believe I have lived in London for the last 17 years??


We go to Paris frequently because the Eurostar just makes it so convenient.  In fact, my husband and I got married in a chateau just outside of Versailles.  We’ve taken the children to see the exhibits at the Grand Palais, munched our way through the streets of the Marais, walked the Promenade Plantee and hung out on the riverside promenade.  Paris is wonderful in every season – whether it’s springtime or window-watching the marionettes in the department stores at Christmastime.  And, of course, the shopping is fabulous, whether in the chic boutiques or the department stores! My husband and I have also visited the city on our own for a romantic weekend and good dining.

We went to Normandy for the World War II commemorations for D-Day and also visited the historic city of Bayeux.

We have been skiing in Val d’Isere several years now.  We love the Hotel Christiania for its location and its friendliness.  The restaurants in Val d’Isere are excellent as well – always important after a hard day’s skiing.


I went with just my husband to Berlin for a long weekend and we had a grand time learning about the history of the city.  The Berlin Wall was just as cool as I would have expected.


Although we took the children with us to Jamaica, they refused to leave the hotel pool.  They absolutely loved Beaches Hotel and it still ranks highly as one of their favourite places.  So we left them with the nanny and we went to see a Jamaican Georgian plantation (well actually two – Good Hope Plantation and Prospect Plantation).


Morocco was our first foray with the family into a culture vastly different from what the children are used to.  They did adjust with aplomb to Marrakech and the traffic on the roads, the hawkers in the markets and animals on the streets.  We took a day trip into the Atlas Mountains which was just stunning.

The Netherlands

We were in Amsterdam for the autumn colour and also for their annual design festival.


New England

I have always loved New England and we now spend part of our summers in Martha’s Vineyard.  My son and I  have biked The Shining Sea bike path in Cape Cod.  We go to farmer’s markets, fruit picking and enjoy shopping in the sunshine.   Oak Bluffs in Martha’s Vineyard has these amazing gingerbread cottages.  Newport in Rhode Island is a delightful little town full of history and not-so-little cottages from the Gilded Age.  We stayed at a very nicely renovated ex-Vanderbilt mansion in Newport, the Vanderbilt Grace.

New York

New York has a special place in my heart because I grew up in the suburbs of New York and then went to university and law school in Manhattan.  I took the children to the Rockefeller-built chapel in Westchester with its amazing Chagall and Matisse stained glass windows.  In New York City, my children loved the Sony Wonder Technology lab in mid-town.  We rented an apartment through One Fine Stay and did our gift shopping at the MoMA Design Store.


My parents live outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County which is just gorgeous.  In Philadelphia we went to see the world’s first penitentiary, Eastern State Penitentiary.  My children also enjoyed the Cherry Blossom Festival that Philadelphia puts on every spring.  In Bucks County, we were around for the annual Christmas Day re-enactment of George Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware River during the American Revolution. We have also visited the Amish countryside with the children to learn about the Amish lifestyle which they found as interesting as we did.

North Carolina

We joined friends for an enjoyable week on The Outer Banks which was just stunning.  And, we spotted wild horses!

Washington D.C.

We visit friends in the D.C. area frequently.  I just haven’t posted about it!  Do you sense a theme here? One place that the children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed is Mount Vernon, George Washington’s former home.  They also visited the annual ice sculpture at Christmas time at the Gaylord National Resort.

Wyoming/South Dakota

Our 3 week road trip through the American West was amazing!  We went to so many places and did so many cool things, such as visiting Crazy Horse Memorial, checking out former gold mines, the city of Cheyenne, and a Norwegian stavkirke in South Dakota.  We also stayed at some cool places – Warren-Nagle Mansion in Cheyenne was one.




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