About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Let’s keep it short because I have a fairly limited attention span.  I’ll assume you do too.

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1. What’s your story?

My name is Shobha. I’m from New York and now living in London. I’m married to a laid-back Englishman who can’t resist the occasional acerbic comment, especially after a glass of wine. We have 2 young children and 1 grumpy older dog.  I used to be a lawyer but that wasn’t very creative or conducive to family life.

2. Q.  What’s it all about?

This blog has been going a little over a year.  I started off writing about home and design and then, along the way, it veered off into other things that interest me – travel, family and art.

Mr. N and I also like travelling.  One of the reasons we have decided to stay in London for the mid-term future is to provide a cosmopolitan upbringing for our children.  I grew up in the suburbs of New York and it was beyond tedious.  Now that the kids are getting older, we are looking forward to sharing our interests with them.

For 2014, I thought I’d try out a Monday, Wednesday and Friday posting.

  • Manic Mondays – my post will be about family or something that’s happening locally.
  • Nesting Wednesdays – I’ll focus on home and design.
  • Escapist Fridays  –  I’ll write about travel.

And, since I can’t seem to stop dreaming/planning/writing about travel I am also the co-founder of Just Go Places, a site for inspiration for the inveterate traveller (even those who have grown up, gotten jobs and started a family).

4. Q. Enough about you.  What’s in it for me?

Amusement?  Inspiration?  A little light reading?  I’m grateful anyone is reading!

5. Q. What’s the connection with highly flammable synthetics?

A.  Actually NYLon is an old acronym for NY (where I used to live) and London (where I live now).  Technically our U.S. base is now in Massachusetts but MALon sounds too much like an antacid drug.

6. Q.  How do I contact you with my questions, suggestions, submissions, incoherent ramblings etc. ?

A. You can contact me at nylonliving@btinternet.com.

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. WhiteTrinity

    I really like your blog. I think we share the same passions…interior design, travel, food, art… Look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. jannah7

    Hi! I’m Indian too and grew up in NY (upstate) and moved to London as well! It’s nice to hear about someone with the same story!! I’ll try keeping up with your blog for tips to living here!!

    1. nylonliving Post author

      Welcome! London’s a very civilised, cosmopolitan place to live (and raise a family). Where did you grow up? I grew up in Westchester so only considered upstate to NYC people!

  3. Ben

    Hi Shobha, great blog! Looks like you have a lovely house in London, I love the brickwork in those victorian houses. It’s sadly lacking in Switzerland! Thanks for following my blog, it’s much appreciated.

  4. Beachbums1

    Thanks for stopping by Displaced Beachbums. It brought me to your blog which I really enjoyed reading. Definitely going to follow so I can read your updates.

    1. nylonliving Post author

      Thanks! I am a fan of displaced beachbums too. I love the name because that is how I feel – like a displaced beachbum as well! someday when the kids are grown up…

  5. Silvia

    Hi there 🙂 I absolutely love blog, your posts are just beautiful. So I decided to nominate you for the Liebster Award!! Congrats!!

  6. HeatherYoungUk

    It was really great to meet you and chat at Blogtacular this weekend! I really hope we cross paths again soon. I also love the idea of theming what you post on different days and identifying which days of the week you’ll post. x

    1. nylonliving Post author

      you too! I’m looking forward to reading about your European road trip with 4 year old twins! If only, I was able to keep to the days I’m supposed to post because invariably I miss days 🙂 but it does help sort my posts out a bit.


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