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Where else can you find me?

social mediaLots of places! I figure Michelle Obama got bangs as her mid-life crises.  I’ve decided that social media will be my outlet.  I can’t drive stick so a Ferrari is out of the question anyway.

  • I use  Twitter and  Instagram as an everyday journal for random things information and photographs.
  • I am completely a Pinterest addict.  It’s so inspirational and I have lots of boards on interiors, gardens, crafts, art journalling, blogging tips etc.  I use it as an online ideabook.
  • I use Facebook as a running archive of stuff I post on other social media.  Half the people I know aren’t on it for a variety of reasons – privacy concerns, intellectual snobbery, disdain for the Zuckerberg machine and general apathy.  But I  know lots of you do use it!
  • I use Tumblr as an extension of this blog for addiitonal ideas and inspiration.
  • On Flickr, I post extra photos that don’t make it into this blog.

Wow!  I went from the occasional Facebook post to full on embracing of social media.  Go big or go home, right?

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Krisztina

    Fantastic blog, amazing “finds” and pictures . She has a good eye for detail and picks up the little things that make all the difference to the ambiance of the place. Always funny and intelligent. Great Stuff!!!


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