My Decorex Day

When I heard Decorex  had moved this year to a new venue that involved a tent pitched in Hyde Park near Bayswater, I was a little unsure what to expect.  I needn’t have worried.  Posh people know how to do tents.

The Decorex show was beautiful.  All the exhibitors had gone to great lengths to adorn their stalls to maximum effect.   From the lushly decorated surroundings to the plummy accents, this show was all about luxury and high-end decor.  Here’s a peek at the show.

Kit Kemp, owner and design director of the boutique hotels, Firmdale Hotels which are in London and New York.   At the show,  she displayed her eclectic style in a bedroom and bathroom set at the entrance.  She was also signing copies of her new book, A Living Space.

Design details from Kit Kemp's sets at Decorex 2013

Design details from Kit Kemp’s sets at Decorex 2013

I thought this bathroom was gorgeous in a very princess-y sort of way.  The fabric from Ateliers Philippe Coudray in Paris is stunning.  I can imagine Marie Antoinette having her back scrubbed in this sort of setting.  Frankly, if she had gotten water marks on that beautiful silk, I’d have revolted, too.

details of the fabrics of Philippe Coudray

details of the fabrics of Philippe Coudray

Definitely more modern and witty, Missoni Home has created home goods in their signature patterns and style.  Check out the ‘yarn’ candles and the knitted ‘caps’ on the pendants.  As beautiful as these products are, they don’t take themselves too seriously.


The door and cabinet fittings from Chloe Alberry in Notting Hill range from witty to elegant.  They displayed an enormous range of fixtures, including the mother-of-pearl knobs and cricket balls pictured below.  Other door knobs (not pictured) included river rocks and crystal in different shapes and sizes.  You are definitely spoiled for choice here.

knobs from Chloe Alberry

knobs from Chloe Alberry

The Little Greene company were on hand to launch their new collection entitled Grey, which is (you guessed it) – all grey.  The 28 shades of grey range from near white to almost black.  Surely they could have stretched out the colour range to another 22 shades so that it could have been 50 shades of gray?

Little Greene

SCP was showing its Scrapwood Table from Dutch Designer, Piet Hein Eek.  The table with it recycled wood collage and extremely glossy finish is a head-turner.  It is almost too pretty to use.



Finally, I have to give credit to Sanderson for this stunning sailboat made from Sanderson fabric.  Now that’s pushing the boat out in set design!

Sanderson Sailboat

Sanderson Sailboat

Decorex goes until Wednesday the 25th of September.  Non-trade customers are permitted entry on Tuesday afternoon.

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