Creating Balance with Anglepoise

As part of the London Design Festival, I went to see the Creating Balance exhibit at the Speakeasy Expresso and Brew Bar in the Carnaby Street area of Central London.  You knew you were in the right place because a giant yellow Anglepoise greeted you on the street.

Giant Anglepoise

Creating Balance is a collaborative project among the iconic lamp, Anglepoise, Strong Island (the cultural center for the arts in Portsmouth) and the University of Portsmouth.

black and white

This year Anglepoise are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the original 1227 which has become a design icon for its spring technology, flexibility and balance.

paint splattered anglepoise

In the Creating Balance exhibit, 10 photographers were paired with 10 artists/designers and 1 Anglepoise light each to create as inspiration struck.  The Creating Balance website documents the year-long creative process which has resulted in posters, videos, and exhibitions.


Here’s one of the videos that was made.

Creating Balance Project – Farkfk & Russell Squires from The Creating Balance Project on Vimeo.

I thought this lamp which had a cup of sugar built onto a wooden base was really amusing.

wood art

Did I mention the Speakeasy makes a great cup of coffee?  I’m picky about my coffee – not too strong and not too weak – this one was perfect.  And, no, it wasn’t just because I was soaked to the skin from a torrential downpour before I came into the cafe.

speakeasy cup

Oh yes,  as you can see from the photos of the delicious treats on offer, spending time with the exhibition was not only inspiring but delicious.


This exhibit at the Speakeasy is open until tomorrow, September 22nd.  Alternatively, you can still catch the exhibit in January and February 2014 at Aspex in Portsmouth.

Creating Balance is part of the Icon Design Trail during London Design Festival.  I only had time for a couple of items on the Icon Trail.  Did you have a chance to go?  If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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