fresh flowers in tin cans

A Return To Regular Programming

I can’t believe I’ve not blogged in 3 weeks.  Seriously, I had no plans to drop off the face of the Earth at the end of June.  The children finished school at the beginning of July and there was the usual chaos associated with the end of the school year – sports days, school plays and prize giving.  We don’t have sports days and prize giving days in the US. It seems like ritualised public humiliation to me especially if a child is not sporty or academic.  My English husband assures me that it builds character.

We’ve changed my daughter’s school so that as of September she will be going to the same school as my son.  It will make my school runs a lot easier but it was a difficult decision because she (and I) loved her old school.  We’ve also had a few other exciting life changes which I will share with you once we firm them up.  For example, we are in the process of selling our house in London! Poor Mr. N hadn’t wanted to move but I convinced him that he could put on his big boy pants and deal.  So I’m on the lookout for a new renovation project (or two).

We also started our annual summer sojourn to the United States. I’m really pleased with our summer house renovation and look forward to sharing it with you soon.  I was not expecting to be thrown for a loop though on seeing the house!  Things were just not where I remembered and I found it disconcerting even though I had known, planned and overseen the changes.  The time just passed in a blur of change, travel, jet lag, houseguests etc.

Saturday morning I got to spend time doing some of my favourite activities in Martha’s Vineyard – hitting up a couple of yard sales and going to a farmer’s market.

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Farmers market such pretty flowers.

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Finally, I feel relaxed and ready to take on the summer.  Good food, music, and flowers will do that to you!more fresh flowers

Here are some photos of the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market.  It’s held every Saturday morning and the local farmers sell their wares from the back of their pick-up trucks.

flowers in a pick up truck

The food is always delicious – a combination of fresh fruit and vegetables, home-made preserves, and baked goods, local cheeses and freshly-made coffee, iced-tea and lemonade.  Amusingly, one of the most popular stalls is not based on a farm at all.  A Chinese grandmother who lives on the island sells her home-made noodles and spring rolls which make a delicious lunch.

marrow and zucchini

Marrows and zucchinis (courgettes) looking plump and delicious.

home-made preserves

Home-made preserves from a West Tisbury farm.


A vendor carefully arranges vegetables.

nitro cold brewed coffee

Have you ever tried nitro cold brewed coffee?

fresh flowers in a vase

Cheese set out to taste.

There are fresh flowers everywhere and it’s all so pretty!  The whole place is a riot of colour and people.



The flowers were arranged in a variety of containers such as rusted tin cans, milk cartons and mason jars.

fresh flowers in tin cans

Of course, I could not resist the flowers.  Here they are in my home:

I liked sunflowers for the screened-in porch area.  I was told that to keep sunflowers going longer I should change their water daily but also add very hot water to the container.  Apparently the hot water kills off germs growing on their stems and keeps them healthier longer.


This pretty bouquet is in the living room.

pretty bouquet

Sometimes, it’s the little things that ground us in a period of transition.  For me, it was a quiet Saturday puttering around yard sales and farmer’s market.  What are the things that ground you and give you a sense of self when times are changing?  I’d love to hear from you.

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