ghosts in trees

Ready for Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween?  We have been ready since last year’s Halloween.  We live in a part of North London that takes Halloween seriously.

front doro

Enter if you dare!

Decorating the house is always fun.  Living in a rental flat, glue tack is my new best friend. It seems I have a massive spider infestation!

spider web decor

spider infestation

This year we are lucky enough to have a giant tree in front of our house that we can hang ghosts from.

ghosts in trees

Ghosts to welcome you!

I am only doing a limited bit of trick or treating with the children and we are having a small party at our flat.  We have had a lot of fun making the decorations and hanging them up.  There was a lot of creative use of gauze cloth, paper chains, and plastic table clothes.  We’ve carved our pumpkin, blown up balloons and filled a piñata.  This afternoon will be spent making zombie faced cupcakes and skeleton cookies.  (After all, the sugar from the candy isn’t going to be enough!).

I’m also going to do a Haunted House treasure search in our flat.  With the lights turned off and dusk so early nowadays, the flat is pretty dark.  Each twin will lead their team to find four mason jars hidden throughout the house.  I’ve got a couple of parents signed up to be the obligatory scary monsters jumping out of closets. I’m also giving each team a flashlight and one iTouch so that they can video the whole thing.  Our own version of The Blair Witch Project – I wonder how it’ll turn out!  In my experience, just the darkness and random screams of others is enough to spook children.  I’ll let you know how it goes – assuming we don’t have any child that truly goes into hysterics and we need to call the whole thing off.

Hope you have a fun Halloween!

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