bluestem curtains

Fabulous Fabrics in the Living Room

I am knee-deep in renovations for our new house.  Unfortunately, Casa del Dumpo is still in the early stages of work, specifically the carting-rubble-away-in-skips stage.  Not very exciting.

I’ve been looking at window dressings for the new house, including the living room, to keep me inspired through the long slog of the unexciting but necessary basics of the build.  For my window dressings, I would like to pick floaty linen curtains. The windows in the back will be large and south-facing. I definitely will need some sort of window covering to diffuse the light.  Nothing worse than glare on the computer screen if you are trying to do some work! I do not, however, want anything heavy because we are not overlooked in the back by other houses.

I asked for some samples from The Natural Curtain Company of their linen fabrics. My favourite is this linen fabric in Bluestem which is a gorgeous duck egg blue colour.  I love this soft faded shade of blue which is both calming and gentle. The fabric itself is 100% linen and gentle to the touch.  The Natural Curtain Company uses a non-chemical process to soften the colour to create this dreamy shade and to create a relaxed drape in the fabric.

The elegance of linen which is at once simple and sophisticated inspires me to create a contemporary Scandinavian look mood board.  The duck egg blue colour coordinates well with the greys and off-whites I like so much. The linen fabric likewise works really well with values that focus on natural, simplicity and eco-friendly design.

fabulous fabrics

The Natural Curtain Company’s linen fabrics come in a variety of modern colours and prints.  I was tempted by these other colours but, as soon as I saw the Bluestem fabric, I knew it was The One.  Interestingly, I thought my favourite was Field Gold when I saw the swatches on my computer and, perhaps, Bluestem was a bit too dark a blue.  When I received the swatch, however, the blue was not dark at all but more faded with a tinge of grey and green. This experience once again underscored how important it is to see a real sample and not rely on computer screen colours.

I love this vintage print linen curtain and the styling in this photo.  It looks so relaxing and serene. I think the windows would have looked too bare without the curtains.  There’s a lot of wood in that photo without the softening effect of fabric.

In the past I’ve had linen blinds like those pictured below.  Although these particular curtains are relaxed, I’ve had linen curtains stiffened so they look more formal.  I’m ready to go with curtains for my next house, however, because the windows are so wide I think blinds will look somewhat unwieldy.  In addition, for privacy and sunlight I will be able to adjust the curtains as little or as lot as I need.

It seems I’ve chosen my living room curtain fabric!  The Natural Curtain Company will be able to make made-to-measure curtains that will fit my windows perfectly when I’m ready.  If only, however, I had a house! I’ve also started a Pinterest Board for inspiration on this fabric and colour scheme.
What do you think?  Do you love the natural look of linen curtains and blinds as much as I do?

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