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Put a Hex-agon on Your Room

Hex-quisite Design.  Design Hex and the City.  Interiors Hex-traordinary.  Please, someone stop me.  The bad puns just keep popping into my head.  In addition to geometrics generally, it seems the interiors world has gone crazy for hexagons, specifically.

One of my favourite mid-century modern designer, Isamu Noguchi, created a design classic with the Prismatic side table in 1957.  The three-legged table is a beautiful, simple, geometric shape made entirely of folded aluminium.  Inspired by origami (the Japanese art of paper folding) the Prismatic table was also the last piece of furniture Noguchi designed.

Noguchi Prismatic table

Image credit: Vitra

The hexagon side table comes in many iterations.  Not only are most of them easy to configure in multiples and move about as needed, they look great too.  Here are six of my favourites.

Clockwise from top left:  Hexxed by Diesel (available in 2 heights and 3 colour combinations including black and metallics); the double-decker Hex table from Dwell in white, wood or stone; the Hex side table from West Elm with a marble top and steel legs; the Hive collection from B&B Italia are side tables in two heights and ottomans in a leather finish; Hex glass mirror from Gram & Green with a ground glass top and a trio of gold Hexagonal legs; the Slit table from Hay is available in 6 metal colours and also mirror and brass.

Interestingly, the Hay table like Noguchi’s table was influenced by origami and is named after the slit that is formed when the metal frame is folded underneath the table top. The B&B Italia Hive Collection was inspired by the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.  This natural phenomenon of 40,000+ polygonal basalt columns is a UNESCO Heritage site.  The resemblance is really striking isn’t it?

Giant's Causeway

Giant’s Causeway
Image Credit: Andrew Hurley

The patterns you can make with hexagons work really well on the wall too.  Check out this simple shelving idea which makes a big impact.  The blog, Nestful of Love, has directions on how to make your own hexagon shelving.  Alternatively, you can buy hexagonal shelves as a set of three at Next Home.

Hexagonal mirrors also look great on a wall.  I can see these mirrored tiles creating an interesting honeycomb configuration in a hallway.  From Graham & Green, the mirrored tiles come in sets of 18.

Hexagonal tile mirrors

Image credit: Graham and Green

In addition to mirrors, many more tiles are now available in hexagon shapes.  Here are examples  created by Spanish designer, Patricia Urquiola from the Dechirer range which blend contemporary large-format tiles with an artisanal cement heritage.

For you commitment-phones, there are lots of hexagonal accessories which won’t require you either to spend so much or to make a long-term design decision.  I think a group of this hexagon boxes on a table is a really cool way to clear clutter.

evie group hex boxes

image credit: Evie Group

Although contemporary Danish design brand, Hay have had their Kaleido tray system for some time, they are now available in new colours of chocolate, jade and blue.  You can use them individually or mix and match for a fun modular look.  This season they have added these sweet trio of hexagon-shaped notebooks.  Yes, they are notebooks! They are almost too pretty to disturb never mind use.

On the British design side, Tom Dixon has added to his hexagon tea light holders this year with this new etched wood design on steel, brass or copper.  I also loved the hand-hammered hexagonal bowl in still-trendy copper.

What do you think?  Would you consider hexagonal side tables, shelves hex-cetera in your home?


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