Style in the Workplace: Muuto’s Copenhagen Office

Did you ever think an office environment can be uber-stylish?  I definitely didn’t but that was before I visited Muuto’s headquarters in Copenhagen.  Granted Muuto is in the business of being stylish, but I was blown away by how everything not only looks good but is very functional, too.  The Muuto office combines the best of a showroom and an actual head office which I would imagine is terrific for the employees.

So what makes the Muuto offices work?  In brief, they have personality and are welcoming.  For example, The Muuto logo has become a work of art on one of the walls. muuto sign There are plants and flowers sprinkled throughout the offices which bring in life and warmth.

The meeting rooms have stylish modern chairs.  The room is sprinkled with a few homey touches which make it welcoming.  Although efficiently set up for business, the room does not feel clinical. meeting room The meeting rooms do not have boring plaques announcing their purpose but a cheerful faux-handwriting scrawl. meeting Even the meeting rooms that are enclosed for privacy, still feel homely. Muuto meeting room There is a wall mural painted by one of the co-founder’s of Muuto who is an artist.  Once again, a nice personal touch miles away from boring and safe “corporate” art.  You don’t need to spend serious money on fine art to impress clients if you are willing to be creative!

The office spaces for unwinding are likewise welcoming.  I’m sure many offices don’t want people too many breaks during work hours so that they make break rooms just as clinical.  A short mental break, however, can do wonders for an employee’s productivity.  This bowl of fruit is in the office cafeteria which is small but functional. bowl of fruit The sofa is on a rooftop break area which has fantastic views over the neighbouring buildings.  Check out the boxes of planters which add softness to the industrial look. muuto rooftop I loved that the Muuto office does not stifle creativity in a brand known for promoting the best of Scandinavian design.  If Muuto can create such a nice office space in Copenhagen, I think London can create welcoming yet functional office spaces too. When looking for a great work space, remember a great office starts with the space itself.  For small businesses, Flexioffices has a broad selection of offices throughout London and the UK.  My favourite is the Canary Wharf office spaces because they have the most amazing view of London.  How could you not be inspired by this view?? London view of skyline This post has been sponsored by Flexioffices.  All words, opinions and photographs (except for the last photograph) are my own.

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