anglepoise + paul smith against a white background

Pedigreed and Poised: The Paul Smith+Anglepoise Collaboration

The whole hyphenated surname thing is definitely more a British thing than American.  I presume both surnames are so important, that neither of them will give way to the other? So, when two British icons get together, it seems only natural that they would produce something that had a double-barrelled name.  In addition, in lieu of a common hyphen, they’ve inserted a plus sign.

Anglepoise + paul smith signature base

In the case of Paul Smith‘s new design of the classic Anglepoise lamp, the resulting lamp is  fabulous and worthy of its name.  The collaboration makes sense because both brands are known for their skilful blending of tradition with modernity.  Here is the Angelpoise Type 75 before its Paul Smith Makeover.

Anglepoise Type 75 Table

Anglepoise likes to encourage creativity as shown by their exhibition in 2014 for Clerkenewell Design Week. In the Creating Balance project, 10 photographers were paired with 10 artists and 1 Anglepoise lamp each to create whatever they wanted.  And, boy, did they go to town!  This year, Anglepoise worked with an established design brand to create what I also feel is a work of art.

The first Anglepoise was created in 1931 by George Carwardine who wanted to create a lamp with both flexibility and balance.  The Anglepoise lamps have had several iterations throughout their long history to keep it current with the times.  The latest version is the Anglepoise+Paul Smith which was launched at Clerkenwell Design Week last month.

anglepoise + paul smith against a white background

The base lamp is the Anglepoise Type 75 which was created by Sir Kenneth Grange who is the company’s design director.  The Anglepoise Type 75 was inspired by a 1970’s version of an Anglepoise lamp which itself reflected a 1950’s design.

anglepoise+paul smith lamp

Paul Smith is a company known for its multi-coloured design.  This colourful approach was applied with restraint on the Anglepoise lamp to accent the industrial design of the original lamp.  Pink, green, blue and grey (or in designer speak, fuchsia, lime, cornflower and clay) are used on different parts of the lamp which itself is a medium grey.  The Paul Smith logo is front and centre on the base.

The Anglepoise+Paul Smith lamp will be available to order online from either the Paul Smith or the Anglepoise websites from August.  It will be available in stores from September.

image credits:  Paul Smith

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