Swivel San Brown

Rattan for Inside and Out

Our rental house in North Carolina last week was a typical Southern beach house.  The house was blessed with double porches and large windows which gave fantastic views over Currituck Sound.

OBX house

This house had one of the most comfortable chairs that I have ever sat in.  It was fairly unattractive and, worse, my friend’s husband had one in his university dorm room.  I was in love with an ugly student chair.  The horror.  In the end comfort won out and it was pretty much ‘my’ chair for the week.  Even the kids knew that it was mummy’s chair!

The chair, called Swivel San, from Pier 1 Imports acts as a rocker and swivels as well.  The cushion comes separately jn various colours.  I’m pretty sure that my dislike of the rental house version was because the rattan was in white and the cushion in baby blue.  So very 70’s.  It looks way better in the dark colour.

Until my recent Swivel San obsession, I did not realise rattan was separate from wicker.  Rattan is specific type of very strong wood (made from palm trees) but wicker is a type of weave.  Wicker furniture can be made from rattan or other types of wood such as bamboo or straw.

Rattan furniture does have a lot of advantages such as being very strong and eco-friendly.  The trees from which rattan is made are easily grown.  A tough, durable material, rattan is very popular for outdoor furniture.  The material is low-maintenance and doesn’t require much to keep it looking good.

I think the lines in these dark rattan chairs are very elegant.  The combine nicely with the sofa and table in this room for a casually elegant look.  I am not a fan, however, of the light-coloured wicker chair in the corner.

I will definitely be thinking of rattan as a furniture option in the future, both for inside and outside.  What do you think of rattan and/or wicker?

6 thoughts on “Rattan for Inside and Out

  1. Doris

    You know I used to hate Rattan but in my older years its starting to grow on me and I found myself actually considering buying a couple of chairs a few months ago. I wouldn’t discount the comfort factor, it’s very important. xD


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