Coastal Style Inspiration

We are visiting friends in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for Easter.  The beautiful beach environs inspires me to think of coastal style.

I think these rules are apt because there really shouldn’t be any more expectations of life at the beach than these rules.  I’m considering buying this little gem and shipping it to our summer house.


What could be more relaxing than a porch swing in the sunshine?  My kids are just watching the world go by.  We are all so busy nowadays that there are fewer opportunities for quiet contemplation.


I found these gorgeous sea glass inspired vases at West Elm.  I am LOVING the colours.  Yes, of course, I bought some.  I love sea glass.


Also at West Elm, the store had a beachy vibe going for its decor.  Even for just a casual barbecue, I think this place setting is gorgeous in its simplicity.

More inspiration for the terrarium that I plan on making.  Here is a seashore inspired terrarium from West Elm:



Remember the tree house bunk beds available in Europe?  Pottery Barn Kids has picked up on the theme to go all sea shack.  Yes, I still love it!

beachhouse bunk

Coastal style for me means relaxed living and lots of natural colours/textures.  There are, of course, variations such as nautical or Hawaiian/tropical or the vibrant colours that characterise Lily Pulitzer clothing..  What does coastal style mean for you?


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