The RH Style: Salvaged Estate Meets Industrial

I was surprised to learn that one of my favourite home stores in the U.S., Restoration Hardware, has now rebranded themselves as RH with the words Restoration Hardware written in tiny letters underneath.  The RH stores are now referred to as design galleries as well (pretentious moi?).    Their items were always expensive but now are unapologetically so.

champagne bucket

more champagne please!

RH also seems to be branching into other aspects of lifestyle consumerism too such as opening an art gallery and expanding into children’s furniture.  How great is this industrial-style bunk bed which is very similar to the scaffolding beds that have cropped up recently in London and Paris?

scaffolding bunk bed

photo credit: RH

Thank goodness, rebranding and expanding aside, the products themselves are still gorgeous.  They are set off to their advantage in the design galleries with lots of moody lighting, high ceilings and dark painted walls.

RH has a style that evokes industrial or estate items that have been salvaged – metal, distressed leather, unfinished wood, natural linen etc. It reminds me of the Ralph Lauren ethos but with a bit of urban edge.

I absolutely loved this leather trunk office space.  Not only is the whole thing on wheels but the piece closes and locks so that you can put it out of sight – perfect for a multifunction office space.

office in a trunk

office in a travel trunk

I also love this vintage scrabble set.  I am thinking of getting it for our screened porch. We could sit around playing scrabble and drinking wine (not necessarily in that order) in the summer evenings.



So, what did I actually buy for the house?  I was under strict instructions to buy only lighting which is what we need (boo!).

For the screened porch, I went with a modern outdoor fan.  I really liked the fuselage fan too with its homage to early 20th century airplanes but it is really meant for indoors.

For the front and back porch, I chose a modern interpretation of  fishermen lanterns.  I also picked up a couple of the vintage barn lights for the living areas and the candle chandelier for the dining room.

With all the changes to this brand afoot, I’m hoping RH decide to branch out to London soon! If Boden can bring American preppy back to the USA, then surely RH can sell salvaged estate glam to Europe.

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