Munstead Lavender

Lavender’s Blue

I’ve been wondering what to do with the front garden for a while now.  The ornamental grasses have gotten a little too wayward.  So, I was intrigued when Tim Milward from Plant Me Now suggested a lavender hedge on the sides of the buxus plants that I have.  They would be tall enough to cover the brickwork but not to obscure the window.  In addition, with the windows open the scent of lavender would waft through the house.


Lavender starts off pretty small.  Over time, they will knit together and form a hedge like shape.  Here are some beautiful images of lavender hedges.



Great idea – except for one small problem.  Lavender attracts bees and butterflies very well. My urban kids are afraid of bees.  I have told them that bees are good for nature and are no bother so long as they are left alone.  That argument didn’t wash for spiders and hasn’t worked for bees either.  Tim’s suggestion has been to trim the flower spikes which are what attract the bees.

bee on lavender


The lavender Tim has chosen is the Munstead variety.  They are among the shorter types of Lavender and make very good hedging plants.

Munstead Lavender

Lavender Munstead

Anyway, Tim suggested intersperse the lavender and with some tall delphiniums as well.  The delphiniums will add colour that will compliment the lavender.

I’m really pleased with our planting and can’t wait to see them grow!  We are also waiting for some trailing plants to be delivered from Plant Me Now which should arrive by May.  More on that later!

I was provided the lavender and delphinium free of charge as part of the Urban Renewal project from Plant Me Now but all words and opinions are my own.


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