Spring in My Step

With all this beautiful weather, I’ve been taking doggie on longer walks.  Our community spaces are beautiful with cherry blossoms everywhere.   You feel automatically happier with such beauty around you.

spring path

It’s not just the parks either.  I have come home to realise our drab front garden doesn’t quite meet some of the neighbourhood standards.  A little bit of sunshine and all these flowers just spring to life and add some much needed colour.

I love the way the plants topple over walls and peek through fences in an effort to maximise their exposure to the sun.


My front garden which did well last summer has wilted over the winter.  The planters are holding up well and most of the topiaries.  However, two of the box topiaries have picked up something which is making them die. The incredibly helpful Tim Milward, one of the gardeners at Plant Me Now thinks they could have been affected by box aphids or red spider mites which are common in box that is planted near brickwork. I would love to salvage these box plants as I think they are quite striking!

The calamgrostis Karl Foerster grass has just gotten too big I feel.  There’s floppy and then there’s just falling down!  I played around with grasses last summer but this year I’m thinking of mixing in more traditional bedding plants with the ornamental grasses.  The good thing about planters is that you can make small changes without too much effort.

front garden grass

I’ve narrowed my inspiration down to this selection of photos.

spring collage

Why do I like this “springspiration board”?  I like the lush haphazard beauty of these flowers.  Nature’s exuberance cannot be contained.  I feel like that now that the weather is getting better!

What do you think of a garden bench or chair in the front garden?   In the picture above I think it is charming. We have room for a seat but I don’t know if that is just odd? I’m thinking of garden furniture – a sure sign that summer can’t be far away!

2 thoughts on “Spring in My Step

  1. interiornovice

    My Garden is also in a state of disarray after the winter. I really love the first photo with the Cherry Blossoms – so beautiful! As to a bench, not sure about putting one at the front – but might be nice for you to sit in and wave to the neighbours with a cuppa 🙂 xD

    1. nylonliving Post author

      I’m going off the bench idea. just too small-town American. I will definitely put a rocking chair on the front porch of our American house though!


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