Irish For A Day

We had glorious weather here in London yesterday for the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square.  London’s Trafalgar Square celebrations are in its 13th year.  They were instituted by former Mayor Ken Livingstone in 2002.  Previously, there was only a parade.  The first such parade was in 1958 and coincided with a Mass held at Westminster Cathedral.  This year’s parade took a 1.5 mile route through Central London and passing by Trafalgar Square itself.

St. Patrick's Day Stage

The theme this year was World of Dance.  The central stage had some adorable children Irish Dancing and there was a side stage with more Irish Dancing performers.  The Riverdance troupe also performed on the main stage.

Irish Dancing

Every year over 100,000 people show up for the celebrations.  Here are photos of some of the revellers.  Surprisingly I didn’t see any green beer.  (Is that a New York St. Patricks’ Day thing?)

Also, unlike the New York celebrations I remember, there are a lot more families with children at this event.  Granted, it was still early afternoon when we went to the London celebrations but the New York Fifth Avenue Parade is a lot more crowded.


The stands surrounding Trafalgar Square had lots of Irish and Ireland-related products such as Irish food (black pudding, cheeses, Guinness!), sports teams and tourist information.

I wonder what the blue rooster thought of the day.  He had a perfect view of the proceedings.


St. Patrick’s Day is actually today – March 17th.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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