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A Pyjama Party The Easy Way

There are lots of nice things about having twins (especially now that they are older!) but, birthday weekend, is not one of them.  We either have to have their parties together or back-to-back to avoid hurt feelings and accusations of favouritism.  I’m usually exhausted by the end of the weekend!

pennant decor

home made pennants

We decided that we could not have a joint party this year after last year’s fiasco when the boys and girls decided to start a food fight.  This year my son had a bowling party at a nearby bowling alley and my daughter had a pyjama party at home.

flower decor


My daughter really wanted a slumber party but we had to reach a compromise.  Mr. N was not enthusiastic about babysitting a bunch of over-excited and sugar-ridden little girls overnight.  So, we made it an afternoon pyjama party so that we didn’t have to have 9 girls around all night for an actual sleepover!

party decor

party decor

We made the pennants and a lot of the decorations were from the Christmas clearance at Graham and Green, a home store in Primrose Hill which also has a great outlet section on their website.

butterfly mask

butterfly mask

We arranged for the party guests to have manicures, temporary tattoos and hair braiding.  All very civilised – right after they played some party games and beat each other up with a pillow fight.

My daughter really wanted a smash cake after having seen them at family and friends’ parties.  Lauren, my friend who owns Smashing Cakes, made a nail polish shaped cake which was a big hit! Believe it or not, this cake is made entirely of delicious chocolate and not a piece was left over after the party!

I found these Nail Polish Party Treats while browsing Pinterest and adapted the recipe.  I used food colouring spray on giant marshmallows as instructed.  We, however, don’t have tootsie rolls readily available in London and I was also wary about sticking a toothpick in candy with overexcited little girls popping them in their mouth.  So, I just cut up some black liquorice sticks and poked a hole in the marshmallows and stuck them in.  The liquorice bottle tops probably would have stood straighter with the toothpicks.  After seeing the girls devour them, though, I’m glad I went with the safer option.

Here’s a video I made with one of the new toys that I’ve discovered in the App Store.  This app, Qwiki, makes a short video out of your still/video photos.

party bags

party bags

Overall, this party was actually pretty cheap.  My friend’s teenager and her school friends helped out with the hair and nail polish.  The decoration was pretty DIY – pennants, balloons and lots of girly stuff we had around the house.  We spent money on a beautiful smash cake but, birthday cake (and good chocolate) are dear to my heart.

If any of you have any ideas for next year’s birthday parties, I’d love to hear them!  After all, next year’s birthday always rolls around faster than you expect.

2 thoughts on “A Pyjama Party The Easy Way

  1. interiornovice

    Wow, your pj party looks like so much fun! I especially love that cake, looks great. I guess with twins you get the best of both worlds but also double the work. I was exhausted just reading the post for you! xD


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