High Drama at High Tea

I always find myself ready for a snack after visiting a museum or other excursion but usually museum cafes are fairly uninspiring and crowded.  The Drawing Rooms of the Ampersand Hotel is a perfect alternative if you are visiting the museums in South Kensington.  I was delighted to be invited with a group of other bloggers to experience Afternoon Tea at The Ampersand.

The Drawing Rooms are adorably quirky and set up as someone’s living room so they are comfortable yet elegant.  I thought the interior decor of The Drawing Rooms was charming.  A combination of sweet animals which together gave off a cool English quirkiness!  Fear not, the eccentric is applied with a light touch so that you won’t have flashbacks of being stuck in some crazy old Aunt’s front room making polite conversation.

I loved the use of old vintage bottles arranged with a few stems.  Although Afternoon Tea was served on china plates etc, the flower arrangements added a casual and modern flair.  Definitely nothing matronly about this Afternoon Tea!

The hotel window’s are massive and let in a lot of natural light. The hotel has emphasised this light by having carefully placed mirrors everywhere.  The whole effect is bright and welcoming.

drawing room

Mirror on mirror is an old decorator’s trick.  Here they have used a mirrored vase on a mirrored table so that the image is magnified.

mirrored flowers

This chandelier is so cool.  A long chandelier dropping down the flights of stairs is a pretty traditional look.  Here it is updated with the use of ‘bare bulbs’ and feathers attached in artistic fashion.  Is it me or does this look like doves or angels flying into the sky?

OK, enough about the decor – what about the Afternoon Tea itself? We were invited to the Science Tea which is one of their special Afternoon Tea experiences.   It was fairly decadent with divine little sandwiches made with choux pastry.  The scrumptious scones were white chocolate with clotted cream and jam.  The desserts really played into the Science part of the tea – a citrus cocktail in a beaker, a pistachio macaron with a cherry pipette and a raspberry sponge cake shaped like a planet.  My hands-down favourite, however, was the chocolate cake decorated with chocolate dinosaurs set on a bed of dry ice which gave off a volcano effect!  very cool!

My children love the Science Museum but, sometimes, I feel it overwhelming and noisy with so many children running around.  I will look forward to museum excursions now that I have discovered tea at The Ampersand is such a treat!

I was provided the Science Tea at The Ampersand Hotel free of charge in exchange for my review but all words and opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “High Drama at High Tea

    1. nylonliving Post author

      you won’t be disappointed! Try the white chocolate scones – just a hint of chocolate when you top with cream and jam is really decadent! I have found yet another diet temptation…

  1. thewanderblogger

    I love that you got some good shots of the artwork on the walls! The animal heads coming out of the tea cups and martini glasses were rad!

    Wish we could have chatted a bit more! Guess I’ll see ya again at the next tea! :o)


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