The New Terrariums

Interested in creating a terrarium for your home?  Terrariums are simply a fancy word for little gardens enclosed in a glass case. They were popular with the Victorians and are now in vogue again.  Presumably urban minimalists with limited outdoor space and/or crafting enthusiasm need a (small) outlet for their green thumbs.  I’m looking to do a terrarium that is vaguely zen and cool looking.  And, preferably without plants because I seem to kill all houseplants I come across.  So, I was pretty delighted when I came across this article.

Apparently, the key to creating a great terrarium according to this Telegraph article on making terrariums seems to be to keep it simple.  I can do simple.  So simple I won’t even have any plants!  I’m thinking pretty stones, moss, and geodes.

I’m, however, in two minds about having Tillandsias (so-called air plants) because they are easy to grow.  They don’t need soil or direct sunlight.  They do, however, need water once a week.  Not too hard you would think, except that we travel a lot.  I would have to add terrarium watering to the list of things that need to be addressed in our absence.

I thought briefly about doing this project with my daughter because National Geographic Kids has a nice project with a mason jar that is meant for children.  I am afraid, however, we will wind up with a dwarf living inside the terrarium as pictured.  And, there goes my uber-cool zen garden.


What do you think?  Would you make one of these terrariums for your home?

Oh yeah, if you are wondering why this post is shorter than usual and doesn’t have my regular enthusiasm for accompanying photos, I thought I’d mix it up a bit.  Besides, I have the children off school for half-term.  And, my blog is giving me grief uploading photos (except for the dwarf terrarium, of course).  So I am using a post from Houzz (which I love!) as a springboard for this post on terrariums.

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