dead vldi

The Wanderlust Travel Photo Contest

I’ve been stricken with wanderlust for as long as I can remember.  To help with the wanderlust (the condition), I am a big fan of Wanderlust (the magazine), an independent publication with a mix of interesting articles and insights for curious travellers.

Billed as the biggest and best travel competition in the UK, Wanderlust Magazine’s photography contest has 8000 entries from travel photographers.  The entries were separated into different categories: people, wildlife, landscape and icon for amateurs and a portfolio category open to both amateurs and professionals.  There were 40 finalists and then an individual winners, runner-ups and highly commended in each category.  The winners and other places are available to view on the Wanderlust website.

My favourite photo was taken by John Whitby, a semi-retired advisory teacher, in Ssoussvlei in Namibia.  It shows the Dead Vlei caught up in a sand storm which was swirling around them.  The Dead Vlei are trees which are believed to be about 900 years old.  They got caught in climate change when their habitat got overrun by the sand dunes.  The skeletons of the trees are black from being scorched by the intense sun.  They haven’t petrified because there isn’t enough moisture to decompose!  I would love to visit Namibia and see this phenomenon for myself.

dead vldi

Dead vlei in the Namibian desert

I’m so impressed with the skill and talent of these photographers.  It’s hard to believe that most of them are amateurs.  They give me hope that if I keep practicing, maybe someday….

So which one is your favourite?

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