upper bunk

Up and Away: Treehouse Beds

At Woonbeurs 2013, I absolutely loved this children’s room which was in a display home set up by Dutch magazine 101 Woonideeen.  Let’s look at the details which really make this styling worth stealing.

The bunk bed is set up like a little treehouse.  With it’s weathered wood finish, it reminds me of a beach house. The ladder is sturdy and easy to climb with deep steps.  One of the best design elements of this bunk bed is that the bottom is enclosed on this side.  The top is enclosed on the opposite side for the access to the bottom bunk.  Each child climbs into their space on opposite sides of the bed which heightens privacy and separation.


I like the charm of these wooden box shelves for treasured items.  They are lined with children’s drawings which really personalise them.

box shelving

The top bunk looks incredibly cosy!  Note the slatted roof on the top bunk to let light through.  It’s also a perfect place to put all those stuffed toys children accumulate and won’t let go.

upper bunk

I love the ladder to display items.  It’s a charming DIY take on the ladders in interiors that we’ve seen quite often.  The colour scheme in this room is sophisticated yet young.  Teal is a very on-trend colour.  The colour combination of grey and teal make the room suitable for either boys or girls.

staircase hanging rod

The bottom bunk is like a little den too.  Children can’t ever get enough of dens from my experience!  Perfect for hiding with friends and telling scary stories (or secrets!).

lower bunk

The curtains also close for added privacy.  The sides of the hut can be hung with pictures.

lower bunk curtains

This treehouse bunk bed was clearly bespoke.  If you can’t extend to creating this type of bed, I found a similar concept at The Conran Store with their Tree House Bed.  Although not a bunk bed, the wood is limed for a similar weathered effect.  The roof on top also is open to let light in.

the tree house bed

photo: Conran Shop

Dutch company Kids Factory have a treehouse bed available in both a weathered finish and a white finish.

tree house

This treehouse bunk bed is from Finnish brand Aalto and Aalto presents a more contemporary look. Although less cosy, the open sides make the bed look less cumbersome.

Finnish tree house bed

This Nate Berkus designed room has a high sleeper accessed by a climbing wall.  You can think of it as a treehouse bed deconstructed!

loft bed

photo: Nate Berkus

What do you think of treehouse beds?  My main concern would be changing the sheets would be hassle in the more enclosed types.  On the other hand, my children would love them!

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