dar leone baskets

Darling Dar Leone

Dar Leone is a London-based retailer with the strapline ‘global traveller style for the home’.  So, of course, I was immediately drawn to it becaue it ticks two of my favourite passions – home and travel.  It was set up by a fellow American lawyer who is also a Sierra Leone native with an interest in African interior design.  Ethnic design is a big trend for adding edge to a contemporary home.  Please, however, put away your Thakat tables from Camden market and the cheap prints you picked up backpacking.

I first saw the style of Dar Leone in the designer display rooms at Grand Designs London 2013.  They provided the stunning baskets which were displayed above the master bedroom bed as put together by interior designer, Kate Monckton.

dar leone baskets

In the last year, Dar Leone have also exhibited at Tent London in September 2013 and last week at Home London.  They have a variety of homewares from pillows to throws to textiles, and of course, those fabulous baskets.

This basket is handmade by Senegalese women of a local grass and recycled plastic — beautiful and eco-friendly!

Senegalese basket

photo: Dar Leone

This basket is also handmade by Senegalese women using local grass and recycled plastic.  I think it would make a lovely focal point grouped in a set.  Dar Leone suggests using the basket for storage or even as a hamper.

Senegalese basket

photo: Dar Leone

Don’t you think this nautical fabric that you see in the floor cushion would work well in a beach house? It’s maritime look is inspired by the Atlantic and antique Ghanian gold filigree.

marine floor cushion

photo: Dar Leone

This cotton and wool throw is a traditional Sierra Leonean wedding cloth!  Traditionally made using a drop spindle and local textile, the colours really just pop.

Sierra Leone throw

photo: Dar Leone

I love that these ethnic products are both colourful and yet contemporary.  The colours work well insofar as they are grounded with neutrals to avoid them looking too brash and overtly ethnic.

What do you think of Dar Leone?  What’s your favourite piece?  I’d love to hear from you.

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