golf course cake

Smashing Cakes

Have you heard of smash cakes?  They are hollow chocolate cakes that you smash with a hammer and the inside contains further goodies, such as small chocolates, gifts or toys.  It’s effectively a pinata cake.

Smash cakes have grown quite popular in the United States for first birthday parties in the last year. Instead of the hollow chocolate cakes, they are just small cakes served to the child for them alone.  I used large cupcakes for my children.


The child can do what they want with the cake – it’s all good!  Usually it’s their first taste of cake and they can’t believe their luck.  My children were close to ecstasy with their first birthday cake.  Needless to say, everyone else got served from another cake that didn’t have large finger holes and the icing licked off!


photo: pinterest

I personally think smash cakes are better appreciated by older children and adults.  So much more fun than just cutting a slice of cake.

For my mother-in-law’s birthday, we ordered a  smash cake for her.  My friend, Lauren at Smashing Cakes makes smash cakes in chocolate for parties.  She comes from a family of South African chocolatiers and I’ve got to say the chocolate was delicious.  We ordered the smash cake in the shape of a golf course since my in-laws are into their golf.  The inside contained more chocolates and a small jewellery box containing a ring from the grandchildren.


smashcake (Enhanced) from Shobha George on Vimeo.

As you can see, the smash cake itself was very pretty and my mother-in-law was a bit reluctant to break it into pieces.  She got into the swing of it pretty quickly though!

golf course cake

Smashing Cakes does lots of other types of cakes, as shown below and on their website.

We finished off the chocolate pieces of the cake during the course of the weekend.  Unlike other cakes we had, we didn’t have lots of left over cake that just got thrown away.

Smashing Cakes only delivers smash cakes around North London.  They are too fragile to send via courier or postal service elsewhere. Your cake might wound up smashed before the celebration even began!

The cake was such a success that my children both want smash cakes for their birthday.

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