William bed

Sleeping on Scaffolding

Would you consider adding a bit of industrial furniture to your home?  It would be right in line with the trend for edgy interiors and for recycling salvage for your home.

I had scaffolding up on our house for so long during our refurbishment that I may be partial to scaffolding. And, I’ve always loved the look of vintage hospital beds.

vintage hospital beds

image: Google

I’ve been on the look out for beds that combined the strong lines and utilitarian aspect in the form of a scaffolding bed for a long time.

Last year, I had found this 4 poster scaffolding bed at the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris.  Although this bed epitomises for me French industrial chic, the bed was only a showroom model unavailable for sale.

Galeries Lafayette bed

On another trip to Paris I found the stylists had accessorised the bed without the four poster curtains.

4 poster scaffolding beds

I was pleasantly surprised to find that scaffolding beds are now available for sale.

Trendy French children’s furniture store, Serendipity, has a child-sized version of a scaffolding bed.  It comes in either a raw steel or a lacquered bronze.

serendipite bed

Here, in England, the Wrought Iron and Bed Company brings you a sturdy English version of the lacquered steel scaffolding bed.  A family-run company based out of Norfolk, this adult bed is named after the owner’s grandfather, William.

William bed

It is fitting this bed comes out of modern Norfolk, the style has a simplicity and a strength in keeping with tradition and, yet, is completely current.  Kevin McCloud appreciated the design as well, because the William was lauded as a  ‘green hero’ at the 2013 Grand Designs Live Show in Birmingham.

Norfolk Family

If you are feeling particularly DIY, you could try and construct the bed as shown here.  I’m not sure it has the same elegance though.

What do you think?  Do you think these industrial-style beds are attractive or should scaffolding be left outside of the house?

3 thoughts on “Sleeping on Scaffolding

  1. Tammy Chrzan

    I have to honestly say I had never considered scaffolding bedding or heard of it until I read this post, and I have to say I really like it! It would be so nice for a boys room… I think My Andy who is 11 would really love a bed like this!
    Just found your blog through Emm…
    Love it! And I so look forward to following you!

    1. nylonliving Post author

      Thanks so much! Serendipity sell online but it will be European sizes for the bedding. It’s probably easier to get it from the UK company if you live in the UK. I think the UK one is also more boyish and also a regular single bed. Your Andy will have a very cool bed!


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