Christofle galet

Give the Gift of Memory (Sticks)

Is it too early to think about Christmas presents?  I personally think so but the stores are definitely promoting Christmas shopping.  I was in the Conran Shop last week and the variety of adorable USB sticks caught my eye.

I think USB sticks are a great gift for a variety of people, including tech lovers, photographers and work colleagues.  And, they are small to wrap!  Having run through a steady stream of memory sticks, I’ve noticed though that they are getting more attractive.  It’s actually easier to remember what I have stored in each one if they are not all boring and uniform.  Here are my favourites:

With this memory stick shaped like a Bentley key, no one needs to know that your other car isn’t a Bentley.  Press the button for the 8 GB stick to pop out.  At just £30, posing couldn’t be cheaper.

bentley key

The shape of this Christofle USB stick is inspired by pebbles.  Sleek, smooth and silver, this USB with 8 GB memory rises to the level of jewellery.  And, well it should, with a price of £115.

Christofle galet

If your USB stick does not need to be heirloom quality, Paperchase has a darling 4GB USB drive shaped like a ticket on a keychain for £15.

paperchase USB stick

I didn’t see the red Ninja which stores 4GB at the Conran Shop but it’s available online for £19.99.

Ninja USB stick

If your house is strewn with Legos like mine is, another one on your desk will fit right in.  This 16 GB USB stick is made from original 2×2 Lego bricks and comes in assorted colours.  The data brick costs £38.46 from Etsy.

Lego USB

Are you hiding state secrets on your memory stick?  Hide it in plain sight on your desk with this easy to use tutorial on how to insert a memory stick into an ordinary eraser.  There is one important downside to this project —  your children may inadvertently swipe the eraser for their homework and you may never see it again.

eraser memory stick

I hope you agree these memory sticks make attractive yet practical gifts.  There’s a style to suit just about everyone’s taste (even somewhat dubious).

So, what’s your favourite?  Mine has to be Darth Vader, probably because I still have a soft spot for the Dark Side after years of being a finance lawyer!

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