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My C.P. Hart Dream Bathroom in 3D

Remember the dream bathroom that I created a mood board for as part of a C.P. Hart bathroom challenge?  My dream bathroom would evoke the colours of a New England summer –  muted blues and greys of sun and sea, the translucet  whites and greens of sea glass, and the weathered brown and yellows of driftwood and sand.

mood board

I won the challenge and so I worked with C.P. Hart Waterloo showroom designer, Rebecca Milnes, to convert a moodboard into a bathroom.  Finally, I can now show you my dream bathroom in 3D rendering.

First, a bird’s eye view of the room.  I opted for a period room since I love the high ceilings and the sash windows.

birds eye view

These are the colours I used in the bathroom.   Although muted and tranquil, the Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue really  has a depth which reminds me of the ocean.  Fanciful, I know, but the Azulej tiles reminded me of the shape of kites.  They are used on the shower wall to provide a focal point upon entering the room.

colour chart

(clockwise from top: Farrow and Ball Cornforth White, Farrow and Ball Sfiffkey Blue, Patricia Urquiola for Domus Azulej Gira, Artelinea Monolite moulded opalite glass, Patricia Urquiola for Domus City Life Arg Prata)

Of course, my dream bathroom had to have a free standing tub with a cool Abigail Ahern porcelain rod chandelier hung low.  Good thing about dream world is that you don’t have to worry about electricity certificates.  In the real world, of course, you could have a low chandelier that is merely decorative to bypass any legal requirements.  This beauty is from C.P. Hart’s own range – the Coniston Bath which is made from stone and the Libero Freestanding Bath/Shower Mixer.

large windows

A practical necessity would be a large walk-in shower.  I like the way you can walk in either side of this shower.  Also, check out how the studwall is built away from the windows to enlarge the shower area but also to provide shallow shelving for shower necessities.  Finally, the bathtub in front of a a low wall in front of the shower gives the room a layered effect.  Everything against the walls and nothing in the middle would just look boring!  Or, as the Americans say, like a Shaker meeting (because Shakers left the middle of the room clear so they could shake with religious frenzy unimpeded by furniture).

bathroom chandelier

(Hansgrohe Raindance overhead E 240, Crosswater handset,  C.P.Hart Libero controls)

The glass double-sink is practical yet beautiful with a sinuous look.  The moulded glass from Artilinea is sleek and translucent.  Similar to pearls, you really have to see it in real life to appreciate its subtle beauty.

double sink

(Artelinea Monolite vanity with moulded opalite basins, Artelinea Monolite low unit,
C.P.Hart Libero wall mounted basin mixers, Hoxton bevelled mirrors)

Photos and mementos add warmth and a living room feel.  There is a growing trend in bathrooms to mimic other living spaces and not look so utilitarian.  The Starck Ghost Chair is a practical acrylic material, useful as a seat and attractive.

I really like the idea of hanging art in the bathroom as well.  As long as the room is well-ventilated, there shouldn’t be a problem.  The piece I have here is a photograph printed onto glass.  It is from the Angel Series by Zena Holloway  who exhibits at The Doinel Gallery.  Zena is a self-taught underwater photographer whose photographs look ethereal and shows off her fashion photography background.

window decor

What do you think of the minimal look of these radiators?  Made by Vola, the clutter of the piping is actually hidden behind the tiling.  The bars are widely spaced so that you can get big, fluffy towels on them easily.

towel radiators

The toilet is tucked away behind the door.  Frosted glass provides a degree of privacy without visually blocking the space.


(Giro wall hung pan, Axor Massaud roll holder, Axor Massaud brush and holder,
Axor Massaud freestanding towel holder)

Of course, there is lots of storage.  I am a big fan of storage because, let’s face it, bathroom clutter is not the most attractive. The storage in this bathroom is from Artilinea.  There is a tower for extra towels, a set of boxes for pretty often-used items and under sink storage for less-attractive necessities.

free standing tub

What did I learn from this bathroom designing experience?

  • Bathroom design is really tricky.  I was really lucky to have Rebecca Milnes who knew the products well and made helpful suggestions.  Left to my own, I could have made some really bad decisions.
  • Even though you know what you want, having a 3D rendering is wonderful to visualize the space.  I went back and made some changes to the tiles, for example, because one of the tiles I picked looked really busy on a large scale.
  • Neither a limitless budget nor a sizeable room are the bonanza they would seem. It helps to be limited by something to help you define what you can achieve.  There are way too many nice things in the world!!  And, if they are bathroom-related, C.P. Hart will probably have them!

What do you think of my dream bathroom?  What would your dream bathroom look like?

5 thoughts on “My C.P. Hart Dream Bathroom in 3D

  1. interiornovice

    Fantastic Bathroom! And I love the idea of the walk in shower at the back. I’m in the middle of a bathroom refurb so I understand the work that went into this design. Looks great 🙂 xD


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