Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins Galore

North London has enough Americans to take Halloween seriously.  The Brits have joined in the fun too.  Jonathan Ross’s house is a perennial favourite with loads of children visiting.  This year he boarded up his house to go with the haunted house theme.

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and my children love it as much as I do.  Although frankly, what’s not to love about dressing up and gorging on candy?

Here are some photos from our trick-or-treating in St. John’s Wood.  The streets are packed with happy children, less happy parents and the occasional confused dressed-up dog.

From carved pumpkins to spooky cobwebs, the houses were all decked out in Halloween regalia.


Some homeowners got really creative.  I thought my son was pretty brave knocking on this door.

spooky house

This couple were dressed up as zombies and handing out candy.  A lot of the younger kids were freaked out by the zombies.

This family brought out the smoke machine which was a really cool idea.

smoke machine

I’m impressed with the ghostly eyes watching from this house.  Really creepy.

creepy eyes

I’m glad my kids get to experience an American-style Halloween.  Carrying on American traditions connects them to my childhood experiences and with their friends and family in the USA.

skeleton house

Next week, we celebrate Bonfire Night which is a tradition from the English half of the family!

3 thoughts on “Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins Galore

  1. Mandy

    Wow, and there we were all proud that we were prepared this year with bowls and bowls of candy for the neighbourhood children. It looks brilliant in your neighbourhood!


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