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Guest Post: Spooky World Destinations

While I spend time amusing my children who are on half-term break, I’ve got a guest post from Esta Visas, a company which helps you process your ESTA to the United States.  In honour of Halloween which is just around the corner, this post covers 10 seriously creepy places around the world.  Enjoy!

In the spirit of Halloween,  we bring you scary places around the world! In our ventures we’ve stumbled over various places that are truly frightening.  They range from an ocean graveyard in Micronesia to a witchcraft supplies market in Mexico. Here are 10 of the world’s creepiest places. Those readers with delicate nerves may want to tread carefully.

1. Bhangarh, India

India’s Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan is reputed to be India’s most haunted place. In the 17th century, it became a ghost town for reasons that are still hazy. Local legend involves a princess, a jug of magic oil and a slaughter of the local populace.  The town was never repopulated. Nowadays there are many day trippers to the town but nobody sticks around in the evening, possibly because the town was condemned by a greedy shaman. Indeed, the nearby archeological office is spotted half a mile away (better safe than sorry after all).

Bangarh Ghost Town

A fort guarding nothing (or something??)

2. Mütter Museum, Philadelphia

Part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia,  the Mutter Museum is devoted to the preservation of medical history. Established in 1858, it displays surgical instruments, anatomical specimens. and skeletons galore The weird and the wonderful includes a collection of 2,000 articles dislodged from individual’s throats.

3. Truk Lagoon, Chuuk, Micronesia

During World War II, Chuuk

was the main Japanese naval base in the South Pacific.  That is, until the United States in 1944 began bombardment Hailstorm which sank 60+ of the Japanese fleet with their crew still trapped inside.  Everything is encrusted with barnacles, from lodges and kettle rooms to attack tanks and planes.  The Truk Lagoon is located in a volcanic valley in Micronesia, part of the Caroline Islands 3,200 miles southwest of Hawaii.  Divers can explore the biggest graveyard of ships in the world.

4. Sonora Witchcraft Market, Mexico City, Mexico

Running low on your magical supplies?  We’ve got just the place for you to shop.  Established in the 1950’s, the Sonora Witchcraft Market in Mexico City have stalls of witches able to sell you their items or tell your fortune.  For example, some dried rattlesnake powder is thought to cure cancer.  Different stalls sell medicinal plants, occult items and stuff for both black/white magic.  Needless to say, the most popular items are related to the pursuit of love.

grim reaper

Colour coordinate your Grim Reaper statue!

5. Easter Island, Chile

The most startling thing about the 30-foot cut heads on Easter island is that they’re not gazing out at you as you arrive.  Instead; the unsmiling Moai figures look away from the ocean, as though guilty of some wrongdoing. Maybe it has something to do with the virtual vanishing of the individuals who made them. At just 63 square miles, small Easter Island is home to more secrets for its size than practically anywhere else on earth.

easter Island

If you build it, they will come.

6. Manchac Swamp, Louisiana

The Manchac Swamp with its old cypress trees and low-lying greenery over the water may look similar to other Louisiana swamps. This swamp, however, is supposed to be haunted.  That faraway wail you hear may simply be the blood-sucking Rougarou, Cajun wolfmen, who make their home here.  A local voodoo priestess is rumoured to have condemned saying they would only exist while she was around.  Sure enough, on the day of her funeral in 1915, a tropical storm destroyed 3 of the nearby towns.  Night tours are available of the swamp for the truly brave.

manchac swamp

Creepy even without the blood-drinking werewolf and voodoo priestess.

7. Bran Castle, Bran, Romania

The storybook (horror story?) Bran Castle sits on a steep ridge and appears to have endless stairways and towers.  This sensational fort, perched 200 feet above the Romanian town of Bran is supposed to be the home of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. There’s no evidence, however, that Stoker even know about this castle, never mind visited it.  The castle, built in the 14th century, is now a museum.

8. Paris Catacombs, Paris, France

Bones and skulls are stacked on either side of a tight passage like stock at a warehouse—a ton of stock – at the Paris Catacombs. The air is close and cool, with only an insight of decay, and there’s discourteous graffiti dating from the French Revolution. Once inside, you can easily see why Victor Hugo and Anne Rice have set stories in Paris’ acclaimed Catacombs. Winding by most accounts 187 miles through underground sections around the city, only a small part is open to the public.

paris catacomb room

Skulls, neatly stacked, by some mortician with OCD.

9. Winchester House, San Jose, California

The Winchester “Mystery” House is a massive mansion in Northern California. It was the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of the man who invented the Winchester rifle (nicknamed the Gun that Won the West).  Sarah was told by a psychic to move West and build a house.  In order to pacify the spirits of the people who had been killed with a Winchester rifle, the house could never be finished.   From 1884 until her death in 1922, there was 24/7 construction at the house which is estimated to have cost $75 million (in today’s money).  It contains lots of architectural curiosities to ward off evil spirits, such as stairways to nowhere and spooky recurring motifs (the number 13 and spider webs).

10. Szoborpark, Budapest, Hungary

Szoborpark, now named Memento Park, in Budapest is a park which has a collection of Communist-era statues from Hungary’s past.  These statues include a towering Lenin, and robe wearing Marx and Engels conveying religious-looking messages. Maybe not conventionally creepy, but a ghostly echo of past times, nonetheless.

memento park boots

These boots were made for walking.

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