osborne and little rondelle

Who Can Spot The Trend?

Spots were all over the catwalk and behind-the-scenes during the recent fashion week shows.  Continuing on from my series of fashion trends showing up in home decor, let’s take a look at polka dots.

polka dot couture

1. Chloe polka-dot tulle and crepe dress, £2490, net-a-porter.com
2. Socialite and trend-setter, Olivia Palermo, at Paris Fashion Week in Chloe
3. Oscar de la Renta polka-dot sequinned silk dress, £4250, net-a-porter.com
4.  Victoria by Victoria Beckham, Fashion Telegraph Gallery
5. Oscar de la Renta polka-dot grosgrain pums, £450, net-a-porter.com
6. Miu Miu, Fashion Telegraph Gallery

Polka dots are perfect for using in soft furnishings, such as fabric and wallpaper.  Not as graphic as stripes or attention-demanding as florals, they coordinate well with other fabrics to pack a visual punch.

polka dot soft furnishings

1. Biglie fabric in white/anthracite, C&C Milano
2. Pink/Lilac polka dot wallpaper, Next
3. Atmosphere embroidered fabric, Pierre Frey
4. Soleo fabric in red from Jane Churchill 
5. Equinoxe dot wallpaper with metallic and gloss, Graham & Brown
6. Glandia Blasco Mota2 multi-coloured rug, Heals
7. Dotty wallpaper by Graham & Brown

Polka dots also show up in home accessories on the high street.  This trend works with the vintage look, i.e., Cath Kidston, and the home-crafted look, i.e., Emma Bridgewater.  Both these retailers who have been doing polka dotted designs for yonks are well-positioned to take advantage of this trend.  If you would like something that all your friends don’t already have, there are lots of lesser-known designers too.

polka dot accessories

1. Tala set of 3 polka dot tins, £25, Debenhams
2. Mini dot glasses case, £14, Cath Kidson
3. Dots Bowl, £19.99, Zara Home
4. Linea polka dot towels, from £10, House of Fraser
5. Polka dot table cloth, Zara Home
6. Emma Bridgewater polka dots jug, £19.99, John Lewis
7. White spotted butterflies jewellery box, £24, House of Fraser
8. Dots tealight holder, Zara Home

My big issue with polka dots is the borderline girliness of the pattern.  It is, however, possible to use polka dots in a subtle manner for a sophisticated look.  After all, what is the art technique of pointillism except a whole lot of small dots?  No one has accused Seurat and Pisarro of being girlie-men (thank you, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for that contribution to the English language).


A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grand Jatte by Georges Seurat

The key is size.  The smaller the dots, the more they blend into a solid look or a geometric pattern from afar.  For example, in Osborne & Little’s Bulla and Kirkham patterns below, you really need to get close to see the dots.

What do you think?  Are you dotty for dots yet?

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