Living on the Edge

Punk is back!  Of course, if you happen to walk by Camden High Street, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s never left.

Punk girl with a brass knuckles.

The Met Ball earlier in the year had Punk: Chaos to Couture as its theme.  You can check out Vogue’s coverage of the celebrity outfits here.  It’s reappeared again on the couture runways in Autumn 2013.

At Focus /13, I listened to a talk on fashion and home trends given by Mariella Tandy an editor at Tatler.  Mariella is quick to point out that high fashion punk is quite restrained and refined.  To follow the current trend, you should avoid full-blown goth at all costs.  The devil is in the details – decorative studs, PVC, chains etc. – used in moderation to add edge to an outfit.

couture punk

1.  Burberry calf-skin bag with fringed metal eyelets
2.  Valentino Garavanni bags and shoe
3.  Burberry Prorsum sleeveless silk-crepe and PVC dress
4.  Alexander McQueen studded metal tote
5.  Versace studded leather belt
6.  Miu Miu studded suede sneakers

We keep hearing home decor trends follow fashion trends.  Inspired by Mariella’s talk, I thought I’d trail one such trend from the catwalks, through to designer brands to the high street, and the ultimate budget option, DIY.

This sculptural mirror from Simpsons Mirrors is definitely subversive and cool.


How about this Jean Paul Gaultier rockstar bedding set at Chelsea Harbour?

jean paul gaultier bedding

You all know how I love design duo Jimmie Martin, right?  Their graffiti pieces would fit right into this trend.

British high streets have also taken this trend on board for a less expensive (and less committed) way to rage against the machine.


1.  Set of three ceramic objects by Christiane Lemieux at House of Fraser, £25
2.  Betty Jackson black wire bowl at Debenhams, £20
3.  Wood photo frames by Christiane Lemieux at House of Fraser, £12
4.  Two-pack skull hanger at Zara Home, £9.99
5.  Fluoro skull candle set at Archer Adams, £55
6.  Skull cushion at Zara Home, £19.99

You can even DIY this trend.  Abigail Ahern wrote a great post on her blog about adding graffiti to junk store finds to spice up your place.  Below, Abigail has scrawled a slogan in hot pink on the back of a rusted metal sign found at a vintage shop.  As part of a gallery wall, this sign fits right in with the rest of the artwork for a bit of insouciant cool.


Abigail’s  inspiration was Banksy scrawling on a piece of artwork owned by Kate Moss.  If Banksy is busy this weekend, you can always enlist your children for creative doodling.

photo:  dazed & confused

photo: dazed & confused

So, it’s pretty easy to get your home some ‘street’ credentials.  Will you be trying it?

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