Autumn in the Air

This week I took our dog for a walk in Hampstead Heath on a very misty morning.  The whole place felt surreal (and serene).

hampstead heath

With only the occasional dog walker passing us by, we felt we had the whole place to ourselves.  It was so incredibly quiet that it was hard to believe we were pretty close to a main road.  For a city girl like me, the Heath fills my need for walks in the English countryside.

hampstead heath

I took these 2 photos of the Heath in the mist on my current favourite Iphone app Pro HDR.  It’s great with landscape photos because it takes 2 photos which are fused together to create depth.  You do  need to stand very still though.  The app also has filters and text etc. which I didn’t use because I really wanted to capture the mist.

The Heath is starting to show signs of gearing up for autumn.  The leaves are starting to fall off some trees.  I’m sure the trees are just as confused as we are because we are having an incredibly warm week (in the low 20’s centigrade).

tree trunk

By the Hampstead ponds, some of the houses have planted Viriginia Creeper and Japanese maples which sport really fiery red leaves.

house on pond

The Heath will be stunning when more of the autumn colours start appearing.  Another plus of having a dog is that when I walk him daily, I get to see the changes slowly occurring.

swan pond

In my own garden, most of the plants are winding down their growth for winter.  The fuschia, however, is blooming away and it’s a nice spot of bright colour in the garden.


This post is part of Mammasaurus’ blog hop How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

16 thoughts on “Autumn in the Air

  1. Mammasaurus

    Oh my that red creeper really does add such the vibrant splash of colour doesn’t it? I love that top photo – so eerie and still, what a lovely space to walk in.
    The soft pinks of the fuschia and around it are so pretty! Thanks for joining in again my dear x

  2. tonyarmitage

    Autumn is definitely here.. when I walk my dog in the commons near our house in Sandhurst the last few mornings the spiders webs have been very visible in the heather and on the bushes.. the year is passing… quickly 😦

  3. Tricia A. Mitchell

    Shobha, the fog adds such a dreamy, almost mystical effect – especially in the first two images. How nice that you have such a pretty place to which to escape when you want to feel as though you’re in the countryside.


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