100% Design Around The World

The 100% Design show is one of the events where new products are launched during the London Design Festival, including the Glade pendant by James Smith Designs I mentioned earlier in the week.  The show remains open until September 21st at Earl’s Court London.

I’ve picked out some cool new products that caught my eye from a range of countries around the world.


The laser cut decorative Korean paper at Beeeen was just beautiful.  The paper is quite sturdy because it has been treated with vegetable oil and lacquer. I was told the fantastic pattern is traditionally used in Korean palaces.   Wouldn’t this be a fantastic decorative layer on a wall?



These lampshades are hand-made in Ireland from kimono fabric imported from Japan by the Kimono Lamps.  Each lampshade is unique because the silk fabric is recycled from used kimonos.  You can buy directly from the designer, Ania Juraszek, through her Etsy shop.  I think it’s lovely that these beautiful kimonos, used in weddings, tea ceremonies and other special occasions, are finding a new lease on life in homes around the world.

The Netherlands

Sticking with the recycled lamp theme but moving to Amsterdam, Graypants have created these pendant lamps from recycled cardboard boxes.  The layers of corrugated cardboard reflect light and cast shadows in different ways.  Each piece is handmade and come in different sizes.

Also from The Netherlands, Ilias Ernst produces these cool pendants.  The first is actually 4 strips of magnets over a light bulb. You are given 200 nails with which to create your own design.

Slightly more kid-friendly but still industrial, how about this other Ilais Ernst lamp for a home office or a crafting station?  The 5 bulbs rotate around independently from each other so that you can position the light to suit your needs.  It’s called Refinery because the pipes are inspired by the tubes of an oil refinery.

pendant light

photo: Ilias Ernst


Although strictly office furniture, I loved this coat rack from Belgian company, Bulo.  The symmetrical lines and simple hooks actually make the whole thing like installation art.


With their cork and copper sideboard, Picchio Furniture Design have created a beautiful piece of furniture using two of the latest design materials.  Of course, it’s not just following a trend, Portugal has a long tradition of crafting in both cork and copper.

I also like the sinuous lines of the Ono Bridge Dining table.  For a bit of subtle bling,  the side is inlaid with Swarovski crystals.


As much as I love Ikea, the plastic bags of screws, allen keys and instruction booklet is usually enough to reduce Mr. N into tears of frustration.  Hailing from beautiful Vilnius, Kirigami plywood furniture from Plyhouse is flat pack furniture without the screws.  I particularly like their stools which are handy for parties and extra guests.  Accommodating up to 400 pounds, these stools should work for all, except the truly large guest.


photo: Plyhouse

They come assorted colours as well as a natural finish.  Furnished in their own bag, these stools would be handy to store in a closet and take up minimal space.

That’s my quick round-up of global product design.  I’ve to admit there’s probably lots I missed because my feet were killing me towards the end.  Also, I was completely enamoured with the 3D printing on display but I shall save that for another post.

What do you think?  Do you like any of these products?

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