Five Favourite Finds: Mirror, Mirror

In the chaos that is our usual weekday morning,  I hardly have time to think of how I look because I am so focussed on the children.  On the plus side, I am usually sitting in traffic at some point in the morning which is where a pocket mirror comes in handy.  I definitely don’t have the courage to do image damage-control in public with people watching. (My car is my space and doesn’t count!!!).

Woman looking in mirror and putting lipstick in underground

1. Pylones

My handbag mirror is from the French company Pylones.  It’s more colourful than I usually go for because I let my daughter pick it out at the Pylones store at Westfield White City.    The mirror’s built-in small brush has come in very handy with a little girl who wants to be a lady but at heart is just a tomboy.

photo:  Pylones

photo: Pylones

We have a little box in the front hallway with a Pylones hand mirror and other last minute essentials.  If my children were to disapper up the stairs to their rooms, it would take another half-hour to get them back down.   I can just about convince my daughter she needs to brush the hair on the back of her head if I can confront her with the evidence!!

photo:  Pylones

photo: Pylones

Here are some other pretty options for hand mirrors.   In case, they are left lying around your house, at least they are pretty to look at.

2.  Cath Kidston

The Cath Kidston pocket mirrors in her trademark retro prints are likewise a bright spot in your bag .  Don’t you hate when you can’t find your stuff in the bottom of a bag  because the lining is so dark??

photo:  John Lewis

photo: John Lewis

3. Sarah Ray

Sarah Ray does a charming animal print if you don’t feel like retro chic.  The quirkily-drawn rabbit in red boots is quite sweet.



4. Say Yes To Wue

If inspirational words are your thing, how about this one from Say Yes to Wue?  I personally would find this reminder in my bag relentlessly cheery.  If I’m having a bad day, the one thing that makes me happy may be this mirror thrown against a wall.



5. Haidee Drew

My favourite hand mirror, for their minimal glamour, are from British designer Haidee Drew.  These  mirrors come in several designs which all have a subtle nod at vintage styling.

Antique Hand Mirror over Timber

I would even leave the Haidee Drew mirrors out in my front hallway for last-minute touch-ups.  Made from acrylic, they are pretty and decorative without feeling  ‘boudoir’.

photo:  Haidee Drew

photo: Haidee Drew

So, what is one little thing you have in your house that makes your morning routine easier?  Although mine are as mundane as hand and pocket mirrors, they are still pretty objects.

2 thoughts on “Five Favourite Finds: Mirror, Mirror

  1. WhiteTrinity

    Fascinating post! It makes me think twice about mirrors…my husband (then boyfriend) gave me a silver pocket mirror when we were dating, and I have been asked several times by friends if it was a “spoon!” Come to think of it, the pocket mirror does resemble a small teaspoon, haha! — Mrs. J


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