Coming Soon, A Glade Near You

The fashionistas have had their turn, now it’s time for the interiors crowd!  London Design Festival officially started on Saturday September 15 and promises over 300 different events.  The London Design Festival is intended to promote London as the design capital of the world.  With so many great things to see, if you don’t know where to start Confessions of a Design Geek has curated a great capsule list.

photo:  Confessions of a Design Geek

photo: Confessions of a Design Geek

One of the products being launched this week at the 100% Design event is the Glade pendant by James Smith Designs.  Established in 2011, Falmouth-based James Smith is one of the examples of exciting new British talent.

I had seen the Glade as a prototype floor lamp at Clerkenwell Design Week earlier in the year.  The first thing you noticed about the floor lamp was the strong, sculptural shape and then the shadows cast on the wall.

glade floor lamp

At the time of Clerkenwell Design Week, James was contemplating making a pendant.  Et voila!  Here it is and it’s as stunning as I expected.

photo:  James Smith Designs

photo: James Smith Designs

Just like the prototype, the Glade is made from hundreds of willow reeds which have been threaded into a wire circle.  It’s a very simple but effective design which produces a striking silhouette.  By its very nature, this lamp can not be churned out by a factory.

photo:  James Smith Designs

photo: James Smith Designs

I am loving the shadows the lamp casts as well as the light peeking through the willow reeds.

photo:  James Smith Designs

photo: James Smith Designs

By casting dappled shadows through the willow when lit, this pendant really does live up to its name.

Green willow, young grass, and sunlit glade in spring forest

James Smith will be showing some of his other products, including a stunning Ash wood and granite cantilevered task lamp, at 100% Design (Stand D8) as well.

I hope I have whetted your appetite for the London Design Festival with the Glade.  Will you be visiting any of the events?  If you see me, please say hello.  I love getting to know my readers.

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