Light Up Your Life

It’s all change at the Heals’ lighting department.  Not only has the light section been revamped, but Heal’s are now selling their own brand lighting.  The new collection of lights is both decorative and functional – we’re talking win/win.


1.  Squint Limited for Heal’s small table lamp starting at £500

Squint has a new collection for Heal’s in their trademark patchwork wrapping using Heal’s archived prints and contemporary fabric.  Each unique piece makes a stunning statement in a room.  Both functional and decorative, these lights come as floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers.

2.  Anglepoise giant floor lamp £2350

Anglepoise, a British design classic, has made an oversized floor lamp in honour of the 70th anniversary of the original lamp.  It comes in 8 colours including fun ones like red and duck egg blue.

3. Tom Dixon cell pendant short £275

The Tom Dixon cell pendant is made from etched brass which is designed to cast intricate shadows when lit.  The bottom is designed to be as pretty as the sides.


4.  Lee Broom Decanterlight chandelier, £1190

Lee Broom is known for his use of making crystal look modern and fabulous.  This light is a chandelier version of the decanter pendants Lee has made famous.  Made from actual crystal decanters, the cut glass really catches the eye.

5.  Heal’s Job copper table lamp, £220

This autumn, Heal’s has launched its first lighting collection ever.  Among the pieces is this table lamp which is inspired by the growing trend for copper as well as the continuing love affair with mid-century modern and Scandi design.

6.  Lee Broom crystal bulb, £109

One very expensive light bulb, this crystal bulb is beautiful in its minimal glamour.   This bulb is the dressy version of the bare bulbs trend that we have seen in the past, such as with the Plumen bulb and the filament bulbs.

7.  Lee Broom large blue tile lamp, £1950

The tiles on this lamp are inspired by the London Underground (and made by the same tile manufacturer).  I love this shade of dusky blue.

This post is turning into a love story of Lee Broom design (which wasn’t the original intention).  I didn’t realise how many of his lighting fixtures I liked.  Anyway, I had to point out this White On Bistro Chair which requires its own category.  The lacquered white chair accented in white neon is more of a piece of art than an actual functioning lamp  It will be a limited edition with only 25 pieces will be made.  At £3750 it’s expensive for a light fixture which isn’t meant to be a source of useable light but better value if viewed as a piece of modern art.  I took this photo at the Heal’s A/W Press Day because I don’t think the website photo does it justice.White Chair Light

Which one is your favourite?  I might have to go with the Squint because of its colourful patchwork fabric and different textures.  It’s delightful kookiness and shape reminds me of a hat and this poem called Warning.

When I’m an old woman I shall wear purple
with a red hat, which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
Jenny Joseph

You should also go check out the new Heal’s lighting department and see if any others catch your eye.

6 thoughts on “Light Up Your Life

    1. nylonliving Post author

      yes! I tried to convey a range of prices but it’s always amusing when something that’s “only” a few hundred pounds looks cheap. Not sure why a recycled chair painted white with a neon strip is over £3K.


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