So Faux, So Good

I’m starting a love affair with faux flowers.  I can not believe it myself.  But, we’re not talking the plasticky, old-school artificial flowers.  The new variety faux flowers, made of silk and cotton, are as beautiful to touch as to admire.

photo: Floriture

photo: Floriture

Here are some of my favourite faux flower specialists:

Abigail Ahern in Islington has a whole faux flower section in the store.  You can buy the flowers as individual stems to create your own look.

Alternatively, Gemma, Abigail’s sister and a top florist, has pre-made some beautiful bouquets.  I personally am a fan of the bouquets made from a single colour or flowers.

Floriture was set up in 2004 by Jules and Alex Whitfield.  They supply their flowers to both individuals (online at their website) and the trade.  Their trade clients include Cowley Manor, a boutique hotel in the Cotswolds,  and The Private Clinic of Harley Street.

photo:  Floriture

photo: Floriture

Herve Gambs Paris has stand-alone stores but also a concession at Galeries Lafayettes Maison.   The flowers are good for a dramatic statement piece – definitely not filler flowers! The store also sells a variety of home fragrances in case you miss the scent of real flowers.

herve gambe

For tricky rooms such as hallways where the light may not be sufficient to grow plants or bathrooms where the humidity may ruin flowers, faux flowers are a good alternative.

herve gamba

For our house in the United States, I’ve bought some gorgeous twigs and berries from Pottery Barn.  They add a softening touch in the house but require no maintenance (essential with no one about to change dead flowers!).  Pottery Barn now ship to the United Kingdom as well.  I, however, don’t think their flowers are as realistic as any of Abigail Ahern, Floriture or Herve Gambs. In my opinion, the materials used for the flowers have a bit too much “gloss” which is a distraction.

photo:  Pottery Barn

photo: Pottery Barn

What do you think?  Would you ever use fake flowers in your home?

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