Oregon Coast: Trip Review

The Oregon coast with children.

Travels With Curley

The Oregon coast is beautiful and instantly feels very familiar (assuming you’ve had a normal childhood).  For me, this resulted in an overwhelming desire to keep yelling, “HEY, YOU GUYS!” at every beach down the Oregon coast.  However, Russ has never seen the Goonies, which I would submit as exhibit #1 that he did not have a normal childhood, so the reference was lost on him.  While we didn’t visit the exact spot where Goonies was filmed, many of the beaches looked very similar to the final scene in the movie, including the one below near Bandon, Oregon.

coast image by wood sabold

After spending one night in Portland with one of Russ’ college teammates last September, we spent the next two days traveling down the Oregon coast.  Our ultimate destination was northern California to see the Redwoods, but we took our time and tackled the trip in small chunks because Declan was not…

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