Style Showdown: Anthropologie Boston versus New York

The rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox is the stuff of legend.  I’m ready to start a new feud.  How about we compare the flagship stores of Anthropologie Boston (on Newbury Street in Back Bay) and Anthropologie New York (at Rockefeller Plaza)?  Anthropologie’s visual team is superb but how do they adapt their look to the 2 very different cities?

The New York store highlights its high ceilings with great chandeliers.  Most displays were fairly standard with items on the floor stacked vertically.

The Back Bay Boston store is in a gorgeous brownstone formerly housing a school.  Although the ceilings are high for a townhouse, they are not massive like in NYC.

anthropologie Back Bay

I loved Anthropologie’s quirky method of displaying the products and backdrops.  Check out this wall covered in old book pages behind a bed in the Boston store.


Being Boston with its umpteen universities, I’m sure old books are available cheap by the truckload.  Some books were recycled into initials.  For someone crafty, I’m sure this look is achievable at home.


The New York store was big into the rough luxe look for its displays.

rough luxe

Although I like the look, this table just screams tetanus shot at me.  And, no doubt a child would be covered in splinters in no time flat.


For me, Breakfast for Dinner, sounds just right.  One of my favourite dinners is an omelette.  Mr. N doesn’t understand how I lived on breakfast cereal for dinner before I met him.

breakfast for dinner

I loved these initials which are handpainted on canvas and attached on metal letters.  I wouldn’t even have noticed them, if the armoire hadn’t drawn my attention.  It was the one item I knew I had to buy because it can be safely transported back in a

I also like this display for hanging up artwork by children in the Boston store. Old trouser hangers on a wall – it’s easy to mix and match their artwork and you don’t need to worry about paper size.  Genius, I tell you.

display of art

A hanging rack was used for tiered display in Boston.  It added vertical interest in a store which didn’t have as high ceilings as its NYC counterpart.

hanging rack

I have an unreasonable fear and loathing of coasters because most of them are just too ugly.  But, look at these petrified wood beauties or the lace stone ones.  It’s almost a shame to cover them with a drink.

I like these timers for putting children in ‘time-out”.  My children are getting too old for the naughty step but I find separating them when tensions run high works wonders.


Of course, Anthropologie does great ceramics.  I love the way they are insouciantly stacked.  I’d love to have open shelving in the kitchen stacked with beautiful ceramics.

Verdict?  I thought the Anthropologie Back Bay displays were edgier.

Can I add that customer service at the NYC store was superb?  In both Boston and New York, the minute we walk in the store, one of my children decides to announce they need the bathroom.  In fact, we are at the hopping up and down, legs crossed, needs-to-go stage.  Both times, we have just left a restaurant where they had said they did not need to use the facilities.  The lovely staff at the NYC branch took me up to the staff bathroom but the Boston store told me to take my kid to the nearest Starbucks.

What do you think?  Do you like any of these styling options?

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