Nobody Does It Better Than Midnight Farm

What’s my favourite home store in the Vineyard?  For stunning eye-candy, my hands-down favourite is Midnight Farm.

photo:  Facebook Midnight Farm

photo: Facebook Midnight Farm

Owned by Tamara Weiss, with support from her BFF, Carly Simon,  Midnight Farm is a one-off, higher-end version of Anthropologie.  Basically, beautiful clothes and furnishings teetering on the brink of overpriced to just plain unaffordable for most people.  Their sales are legendary, however, and it’s worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page for news.


According to lore, Tamara and Carly each picked their favourite word and came up with the store’s name.  Here are Carly and Steve Tyler messing around in the store in July.  Doesn’t Carly look great??

photo:  Midnight Farm on Facebook

photo: Midnight Farm on Facebook

The store moved this year to its new site in Vineyard Haven which is the former site of the Bunch of Grapes store. Initially I  was sad when I found out that Bunch of Grapes was moving to smaller premises across the street because my kids and I have spent many a happy afternoon browsing in that bookstore.  I got over my sorrow quickly though after seeing how beautifully Midnight Farm styled the space.


I loved these board books introducing young children to colours and numbers through literary classics.  Personally, I think Jane Eyre is a weird choice to make into a board book (3 scarred limbs, 2 wives, 1 burning house).  I bought Alice in Wonderland for my niece because the colours were so pretty.

I really liked the vibrancy and eclecticism of the soft furnishings.  Not surprising, I suppose, if you think of Carly Simon as the original 70’s boho chick.


The colourful bedlinen is offset by the simple iron bedsteads.

This photo does not do this lamp justice.  The lamp base is a shimmery but burnished silver which would really enliven a corner space.  Note the shade is a classic drum shape in a neutral colour.  This store is really good at taking quirky items back a notch to avoid sliding down that slippery slope from boho to kitschy.


I also bought a cookbook, Potluck at Midnight Farm by Tamara Weiss and a foreword by Carly Simon, with recipes from their famous friends.  For example, the late William Styron lets it be known that he caught Bill Clinton at 1AM munching on the left-over fried chicken from the recipe Styron contributed.  Name dropping aside, the cookbook is pretty good for easy summer meals.

Cover of "Potluck at Midnight Farm: Celeb...

Cover via Amazon

One of my favourites recipes is the Grilled Striped Bass with Wasabi and Ginger.  Easy, tasty and healthy – what’ s not to love?!

Do you have any favourite Anthropologie-like stores that are off the beaten path?  I’d love to hear about them.

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