Of Hens and Houses

My friends who live a couple of streets away from us raise hens in their back yard.  Yes, we’re still talking zone 2 of London here.  The local urban foxes probably salivate over these beautiful birds but they are safeguarded by an intricate security system.  Over the last 2 years, only 1 hen has been snatched.  The parents love having fresh eggs and the children like feeding the hens.


I thought of these hens when I went to RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show last week because the show featured 6 celebrity-decorated henhouses.  Sponsored in conjunction with Country Living Magazine, the henhouses were donated by Flyte So Fancy.  They will be auctioned off on Ebay with the proceeds to benefit charity by the 28th of July.

Sophie Conran

Cookbook author and designer, Sophie Conran, customised a pretty henhouse for which currently the bidding stands at £360.  It’s classically pretty with its white coloured background and pastel and bright colours.


David Domoney

Gardener and broadcaster, David Domoney, created a fairly wacky henhouse which befits his quirky style.  I like the blue colour.  I can’t say I’m enamoured of the fried eggs on the side.  As a chicken, I’d be traumatised to see my eggs splattered across my house.  But, hey, this is the guy who gave viagra to his plants.  I am clearly too conventional for his style. Bidding currently stands at £186.


Philippa Forrester

Television and radio presenter and author, Philippa Forrester, created a classic country design which would fit well into most spaces.  Cream and silver with with inspirational words – probably a very soothing space to lay eggs.  It’s a good thing hens don’t have body issues because they are being called fat, big-bottomed and skinny in the same breadth. Bidding for this coop currently stands at £210.


Kate Humble

Television presenter, Kate Humble, created a hen house with planters on the side.  Its a good design for a garden that is short on space and needs to make every space count.  I wish she’d painted the house though.  Bidding currently stands at £260.


There are lots, and lots, of heart cut-outs.  The basic design these coops started with have a heart over the door.  Kate Humble seems to have run with the heart theme.  I guess she was going for a rustic style but it just looks unfinished to me.


Deborah Meaden

Businesswoman and Dragon’s Den investor, Deborah Meaden, has created a hen house full of personality, complete with a carved dragon on top.  The teal, plum and grey is a very on-trend colour combination.  Even if the hens can’t read, the owners of these coops will appreciate their sense of humour.


She has stepped away from the country theme and added a dash of humour. I can see this chicken coop in the back garden of a trendy eco-friendly Islington banker’s family.  Bidding currently stands at £255.


Nikki Tibbles

Florist and owner of Wild at Heart, Nikki Tibbles, has created a floral fantasy hen house.  I love the hot pink and pale pink floral colour combination which really pop against with the grey paint.

Nikki Tibbles Hen House

Both the outside and the inside are bedecked with rosies, peonies, hydrangea and dahlias.  Clearly, this design is not meant to be practical or probably even used.  A chicken coop for those without chickens.  Bidding currently stands at £102.

Nikki Tibbles Hen House

These chicken coops started all started from a basic model and have turned out very differently.  Their style vary among suburban, country and urban.  Which one’s your favourite?  Would you consider raising hens?  Even if we had the space in our garden, I feel like I have my hands full with 2 children and a dog.

2 thoughts on “Of Hens and Houses

  1. Ian McCurrach

    wow that’s a fabulous feature! i must send to my friends who live out of London who have hens!


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