C.P. Hart Showroom Tour

I was invited down to C.P. Hart‘s main showroom in London’s Waterloo to discuss my proposed “Dream Bathroom” (as seen in this previous post).  Along with 5 other bloggers including Dear Designers, Stylist’s Own and Fabric of My Life, we met with the C.P. Hart showroom management and designers and toured the Waterloo showroom.

bathroom challenge

Having pored over the inspiration gallery on the C.P. Hart website while I was redoing my own bathrooms, I was really excited to see its main showroom again (without the pressure of making decisions).

The first four bathroom sets as you enter the showroom show a capsule collection so you get a feel for the rest of the showroom. Each is the size of the average British bathroom.  I’d be happy to put this bath set in its entirety in  my own bathroom.  It is designed with elements of industrial designer Jaime Hayon’s Organico range, who also designed the fabulous Ro chair seen at Clerkenwell Design Week.

decorative touches

In addition to Jaime Hayon, C.P. Hart has collaborations with lots of other leading designers.  I personally love the whimsy of the bathroom pieces designed by Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders. Marriage is a compromise, however, and in our own home, we’ve put in a lot of C.P. Hart’s Starck ranges which have become design classics.

How’s this for full-on glamour?  If you don’t want to take away a period fireplace from your room, why not add it into the bathtub surround?

fireplace bathtub

I love the decorative touches in this show bathroom.  Personalising a bathroom really make the room feel welcoming and a place to linger.  Note the different textures below which adds interest to the room  – the cool marble, the shiny champagne bucket, and the softness of the fur wrap.

decorative touches

As well as the freestanding bath, the showroom showed different ways of having an inset bath.  Let’s face it, freestanding baths require space which many city bathrooms don’t have.  I particularly like this inset bathtub with steps leading to it.  You can get the feel of a sunken bath without having to remove floorboards.  Can’t you just imagine a bathtub inset this way near a window with a view?

inset stepped bathtub

C.P. Hart are also very good at updating a traditional look for a modern bathroom.  Whilst retaining a traditional feel, little touches such as this bathroom tap in brushed chrome ensures your bathroom doesn’t feel dated.  Moreover, even a traditional bathroom can have a bit of modern pisazz by adding a lighting classic!

The showroom is also at the forefront of cutting edge design (of which you can see more on their website).  How about this beaded shower head for a frisson of excitement?glitter shower

Or, how about this beautiful glass bowl-shaped sink?

glass bathroom bowl

Alternatively, you can go super-modern with a bowl which appears to rise straight from its countertop.  The tap is very high and is set into the floor.   The wood furniture adds warmth as well as straight lines which juxtapose well with the curved shapes of the tap and sink.

cp hart molded basin

So, what was my favourite set?  This bathroom below (which apparently also caught Gwyneth Paltrow’s eye).


I love the huge black bathtub, the black gloss finish, the dressing-table style sink and bathroom light shaped like a table lamp.  The large black mirror reflects the black gloss cabinetry which provides ample storage.  The oversized flowers are very cool.  There’s space at the end of the tub for necessities such as champagne!  The chrome sink and fixtures add a bit of sparkle.  Although the room is very neutral in colour (black, white and taupe), the overall effect is anything but boring.

If you would like to see more of the C.P. Hart showroom, check out my Flickr page.  In addition, I have updated the My Dream Bathroom Pinterest board with some of the cool finds from the Waterloo showroom.

What do you think of these showroom sets?  What’s your favourite piece?  I would love to hear from you.

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