Five Favourite Finds from the Heals A/W 13 Furniture

I thought I’d show you some  new items that are arriving in August at Heals.  Established in 1810, Heals is a London-based modern home store which sells modern furniture, lighting and accessories.  Heals is one of my favourite furniture stores and I was lucky enough to be invited to their press day preview of new items for Autumn/Winter 2013.

On the lookout for design-lead furnishings from its earliest days, Heals collaborates with both established and new designers and is known for its modern yet classic aesthetic.  I have chosen five items from the new collection of the furniture department which demonstrate Heals’ keen eye for finding the next modern classic.

Race Sofa and Wingback Chair

I have mentioned in a previous post that the Wingback Chair is very much in style now.  Always on the forefront of modern design, Heal’s has revamped a classic Ernest Race DA1 wingback chair originally designed for the company back in 1946 by the designer himself.    A design classic, the original DA1 is in the V&A Museum’s permanent collection.  The revamped DA1 is upholstered in modern neutrally-coloured fabric.  The tapered legs usually found in mid-century modern furniture are now made of steel and aluminium.  The re-released DA1 is accompanied by the DA6 sofa which is just as beautiful with its metal legs and elegant design.

photo:  Heals

photo: Heals

Tablemakers’ Ballerina Dining Table

Tablemakers’ is a company established by industrial designer, Kerry Walters, and his business partner, John Williamson.  They create individually crafted, custom-made furniture to suit their customer’s requirements.

This table with its tapered, elegant legs and circular glass top evokes the shape of a ballerina wearing a tutu standing en pointe.  The clear glass top and round shape make the table suitable in a dining area where space is at a premium.  It is easier to squeeze an extra guest into a round table.  Moreover, the table is pretty enough to be constantly on display as a work of art in itself.

photo:  Heals

photo: Heals

Tablemakers’ Surf Dining Table

This solid oak table has graceful crossed legs similar to that of the ballerina table.  The soft chamfered edge of the table-top curve up to resemble a boat hull or a wave.  The design has a gracefulness that bely its solid construction.  I think this table has the qualities of an heirloom piece around which many family memories would be made.

photo:  Heals

photo: Heals

Katie Walker Table and Chairs

Katie Walker is an English award-winning designer who has collaborated with Heals to create a fabulous dining chair and table.  She was inspired by the Eero Saarinen’s Tulip table.  Although the legs splay out at the top and bottom, the veneered center makes it look like one piece of wood which has split gracefully.

Katie Walker with her table and chair

Katie Walker with her table and chair

Likewise, the chair legs appear to be split from one piece of wood.  The effect is both simple and graceful with the beauty of the form and the wood taking centre stage.

katie walker chair

John Galvin Bed and Tables

John Galvin is another award-winning designer collaborating with Heals.  He styles himself as a furniture artist with a practice based out of Glasgow.  He has created Scottish oak king-size bed and wall-mounted bedside tables.  He and his team have individually created each piece.  The bed itself takes 160 man hours to craft.  The bed and the tables are intended to be sold as one set.  Heals expects the price point to be about £10,000.  You can see the seamless joinery in these pieces which really elevates it to furniture art.

john walker bed

What do you think?  Which piece is your favourite?

My favourite is the Katie Walker table.  I adore its form and elegance which pays homage to the Tulip table.  I am a big fan of the original Tulip table which is a design classic owned by many people.  The Katie Walker version would be a more original investment piece.

7 thoughts on “Five Favourite Finds from the Heals A/W 13 Furniture

  1. Douglas

    Hi Shobba, don’t know if you remember me, I’m the graduate who exhibited the Victorian Melt chair you kindly featured. My Cog coffee table was at this Heal’s press event also as part of the Discovers section. Did you see it by any chance? (the link is only good on a tablet or computer, or if viewed via a mobile device, by converting to the full desktop Heal’s site)

    1. nylonliving Post author

      So sorry, I didn’t recognise your photo even though the name rang a bell! Congrats on being featured in Heals! I adore Heals and they have a great knack for spotting talent. I like your coffee table too. The link above works for me but I’ll put your other link as well.


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