Windows at the Southbank Centre

Have you been to the Southbank Centre in London lately?  They are having a Festival of Neighbourhood celebrating what it means to be a community.  One of the exhibits is the Queens Walk Window Gardens designed by Wayward Plants, an award-winning London landscape and architecture practice.  These gardens are nine large garden allotments made from recycled wood and windows which become illuminated garden sheds at night.  The allotments are cared for by local community volunteers.

These allotments are supposed to be making people think about what’s growing in their window boxes.  For many urban dwellers, a window box is all the garden they have.  People can submit their stories, some of which will appear on the Wayward Plants website.

The walls of these allotments are recycled timber and window frames.  Volunteers helped make the attached window boxes.


The windows are quite colourful because they are painted varying shades of white, grey and yellow.


Scattered around are boxes which serve a double duty.  They can be used for storage for tools for the allotments and also for seating.


It’s a perfect place to watch the world go by because this stretch of pedestrian walkway is one of the busiest in the world.  An expected 8 million people are expected to pass by this exhibit.


My children were fascinated by the upside-down planters.  If you are, too, you can get a similar look with Boskke Sky Planters.

sky planter

The festival runs all summer until September 8th.  If you have the chance, you should get down to Southbank to visit these fabulous window gardens.  It’s a lovely bit of greenery in an otherwise very urban setting.

8 thoughts on “Windows at the Southbank Centre


    Beautiful plant pictures. Love them all. Upside-down planters are very interesting. Those would suit better for roof terrace gardens. Glad to hear that those are Eco-friendly gardens which I mean have used recycled wood.


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