American Eclectic

In honour of Independence Day weekend in the United States, I’ve put together a mood board showcasing some of my favourite red, white and blue accessories from two American designers, Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler, who are known for quirky cool.  For fairness, I have chosen one designer from the West Coast and one from the East Coast.  As any biased New Yorker will tell you, the middle of the United States is just fly-over country.  And, that is SO not true.  There’s lots of talent elsewhere but I wanted to keep this post short.  For example, I adore Chicago-based Nate Berkus and was distraught when his television show got cancelled.

Crying girl

Interior designer, Kelly Wearstler, is the doyenne of West Coast chic with a modern, glamorous style.  She started her interior design business with money she received from being a 1994 Playboy playmate of the month.  In the intervening years, her star has just soared into the stratosphere with numerous homes, hotels, books and a TV show to her credit.

I’ve written about Jonathan Adler before when he launched his first UK collection with Kravet.  Jonathan is the uncrowned prince of New York interiors with his chic modernism and eclectic style.  He’s known for mixing good design with humour.  My favourite of all the items below is the Carnaby Square nesting trays (number 11).  The psychedelic pattern packs a punch even if there’s nothing on the tray.

And, of course, you can’t write  idiosyncratic interiors without mentioning the brilliant American home store, Anthropologie, who also feature on the mood board.

july 4 mood board

Who says red, white and blue has to be staid and traditional?

1.  Enamel Queen Anne photo frame from Jonathan Adler

2.  Marquetry dinner set from Kelly Wearstler

3.  Eve Tulip candle holder from Jonathan Adler

4.  Wild Oak floor lamp from Anthropologie

5. Paola Navone Cobalt side table from Anthropologie

6. Utopia Owl vase from Jonathan Adler

7. Paola Novone Netted Dot cushion from Anthropologie

8. Zig Zag Throw from Jonathan Adler

9. Perforated Marble vase from Kelly Wearstler

10. Lacquer wastebasket from Jonathan Adler

11. Carnaby Square nesting trays from Jonathan Adler

12. Ubangi dinner plate by Anthropologie

Anthropologie opened its first store in 1992 in Pennsylvania and is headquartered in Philadelphia.  As far as I can tell, having the very first Anthropologie store may be the trendiest thing Pennyslvania has ever done.  Just kidding.  I don’t want hate mail from Penn Staters.  My family live there now.  They love living there and can’t ever imagine moving back to New York.

Here are some photos I took of the Anthropologie Rockefeller Centre store in Manhattan on our recent trip in April. It was so beautifully styled that it would be very seduced into buying the entire store.

I’m still getting my head around figuring out what separates American modern eclecticism from its European version.  Possibly the American design is more light-hearted interiors with lighter and/or brighter colours?  What do you think?  What’s your favourite piece from the red, white and blue collection?

If you are American, I hope you are having a wonderful Independence Day Weekend!

4 thoughts on “American Eclectic

  1. 30smagazine

    Ha you picked my 2 favourite designers and I also love Nate. Seems like the American Antropologie is different from the UK one??? Do they adjust their style to local taste?

    1. nylonliving Post author

      Good point. The Rock center one is the main one in NYC and a tourist mecca. Maybe they didn’t want to be too offbeat to cater to the most people? I’m used to American interior tastes being include towards classic/less flamboyant. Hence, why I was surprised that the first store was in Pennsylvania — this is the state that gave us Grace Kelly, a perfect example of classic beauty.

  2. WhiteTrinity

    Great choices! I adore Kelly Wearstler’s designs, especially her work at Bergdorf Goodman. I also like Nate Berkus and Jonathan Adler. Cheers, Mrs. J


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