Jay Watson Designs at Interiors London

Barclaycard are running a promotion entitled “Everything is Hotter in June” which clearly is not referring to the weather we’ve been having.


On the other hand, some of the new products shown at Interiors London are indeed sizzling.  I am showcasing Jay Watson Design as my “hot” recommendation for the summer.  I’ve always been interested in products that are upcycled and the talented Jay Watson Design exhibit really stood out for me.  The design studio produces creative experimental work which push the boundaries in form, materials and manufacture.

Jay Watson, himself, is an Australian-born, Oxfordshire-based designer who strongly believes in recycling and upcycling.  His previous work has included Read All About It which is an ottoman made totally from recycled newspaper.  It is then treated with a binder and a fire retardant finish.  His Facebook page, Newspaper DIY, also provides instructions if you want to make the seat yourself.  The ottoman retails for £280 so if you are crafty and read a lot of newspapers, that’s quite a savings for some cutting edge furniture.

photo:  Jay Watson Design

photo: Jay Watson Design

At the 2013 London Interiors show, he showed several new products at Interiors London which were eye-catching and different.  They straddled the fine line between design and art.

watson design

The Pixel Credenza and the Pixel Low Table use discontinued Corian samples (readily available from kitchen designers) on a birch-ply base.  The Credenza’s interior is very practical with drawers and shelves inside.  Both pieces have a colourful abstract pattern which gives them an artistic sensibility.

photo:  Jay Watson Design

photo: Jay Watson Design

Moreover, Corian which is strong and non-porous makes a sturdy and serviceable piece of furniture.  No need to stress if your guests don’t bother with coasters on your table.  (BTW, do the super trendy even have coasters? It’s probably just too middle-class).

photo:  Jay Watson Design

photo: Jay Watson Design

For a bit of fun how about old socks made into pendant lights?  These Sock Pendant Lights are made from recycled socks treated with eco-resin made from sunflowers.  The LED light inside diffuses softly through the fabric to create a fabulous talking point.  You can even ask Jay Watson Design to recycle your own favourite (clean) socks.

photo:  Jay Watson Design

photo: Jay Watson Design

For a (slightly) more traditional look, check out Just Desserts which is a cluster of pendant lights made from old dessert bowls.  The lamps use LED lights inset into bowls recycled from flea markets and second-hand shops.  It’s a great use of dishes that are no longer in fashion yet are beautifully crafted.


photo:  Jay Watson Design

photo: Jay Watson Design

So what do you think?  Do these designs turn up the heat for you or do they leave you unseasonably cold?  I’d love to hear in the comments section below.

Disclosure:  I was invited to write a post celebrating summer by Barclaycard.  All opinions and content contained in this post are mine, except for the photos belong to Jay Watson Design as expressly indicated above.  Consideration will be given for expenses incurred in writing this post.

2 thoughts on “Jay Watson Designs at Interiors London

  1. @700words

    these are the kind of ideas I love looking at, but I could never envisage them in my own home, they seem to cool for me (that’s probably linked to the fact that I have more than enough coasters in every room!)

    1. nylonliving Post author

      LOL. I’ve got tons of coasters too. None of my family ever uses them but I still put them out. I could see me with the corian chip table and the bowl lights. The socks are too cool for me – although I think it would be kind of funny in my son’s room since his socks are always strewn about. The recycled paper ottoman is just asking for my dog to chew through it.


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