C.P. Hart – My Dream Bathroom

What would your dream bathroom look like?  Well C.P. Hart asked me (and some other bloggers) to create a mood board of all the elements I would like to see in my dream bathroom.  In a few days, they will pick the mood board they like best and design a show bathroom based on it.

Believe it or not, it’s actually quite hard to start with a blank slate – no design, room, space or financial constraints. I’m so used to being told certain things absolutely, positively must be on a specific wall because of drainage issues or Mr N veto something based on its cost.  First, I looked around C.P. Hart’s fabulous site at their Inspiration Gallery and (naturally) their cutting edge bathroom options.

Next, I thought about what a bathroom means to me.  I decided I used my bathroom are a sanctuary because it is one of the few places I can be alone.  When the children were young, I took a long shower just to have some me time (although they would wail if I closed the bathroom door when inside).  My other place of refuge is our summer home in New England. It seemed only natural that I would combine the two and base my mood board on a New England Summer.

You can see my full mood board on Pinterest entitled Dream Bathroom but I’ve pulled out some typical New England beach scenes for this post.  These pictures remind me of a New England summer — sitting on Adirondack chairs, collecting shells and sea glass, the fenced sand dunes, helping my children fly kites on the beach and picking the wild beach plums that grow along the shore.

mood board

How would I incorporate this vary natural and streamlined look into a bathroom?

I like the C.P. Hart stone bath for its natural materials and beautiful curved shape.  The solidity of the stone also evokes for me the vastness in time and physicality of the ocean.  I chose the C.P. Hart Libero range of taps and mixers for its slight upward curve on the handle reminiscent of a wave.  The taps have an open spout and the natural stream of water brings to my mind the flow of water onto the beach.

C.P. Hart’s Giro range of toilets, washbasins and furniture are simple, elegant and contemporary.  They let the stone bath and taps and mixers take centre stage.  The bathroom should feel like a haven of calm and tranquility.

As for walls and floors, I would choose Patricia Urquiola’s Azulej range of encaustic tiles for Mutina available at Surface Tiles.  These tiles come in 3 subtle colours (white, grey and black) and patterns which work beautifully with the colours and shapes found at the seaside.  The Azulej Trama pattern has a subtle combed effect which mimics sand and the Azulej Gira pattern evokes the shape of flying kites.

Azulej Gira tiles photo: Domus Tiles

Azulej Gira tiles
photo: Domus Tiles

As for paint colours, they have to be Farrow and Ball Cornforth White and Downpipe which replicate beautifully the colour of cedar shingles siding and slate tile roofs on many New England houses.  The cedar shingles can withstand the wind and salt in the air and over the years weather to a beautiful silver grey.

I love bathrooms that have been dressed to look like living spaces as I’ve mentioned before in discussing Paula Gowar’s style.  I would add vintage bottles, vases and candle holders in shapes and materials that remind me of seaglass and stone.  I also like Sally Courthald’s notion of putting photos in a bathroom – personal items for a personal space.

I have seen Zena Holloway‘s artwork from the Doinel Gallery at The Affordable Art Fair  last week and love it.  She captures models in underwater photography which have a surreal, ethereal quality.  I would have one of her large pieces from the Angels series propped against a wall.

Angel by Zena Holloway photo:  Doinel Gallery

Angel by Zena Holloway
photo: Doinel Gallery

So, what do you think of my ideal bathroom?  What would your ideal bathroom be?

This post  has been sponsored by C.P. Hart.  All photos credits not otherwise stated are listed on my Pinterest board.

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