A Taste of London in Regent’s Park

Taste of London is once again back at Regent’s Park for this weekend (June 20-23).  Mr. N and I have gone pretty much every year with our friends.  You can spend a nice evening having a pseudo-cocktail party in the park (unless its raining which it did last year).


This year there is a special section devoted to celebrating food from Thailand, including restaurants, street food and cooking demonstration.  Check out the cool exotic fruit below:

Taste of London

Taste of London brings together 40 of London’s restaurants, including some highly regarded ones, such as Le Gavroche, Savoy Grill, The Cinnamon Club, and Asia de Cuba.  Each restaurant has a select menu of 4 appetiser-sized portions and you can mix and match between restaurants.  The variety and quality of food was tremendous.  As ever, vegetarian dishes were not as well represented as the fish and meat dishes.

So, what did I try?  In the spirit of research, I munched my way through quite a bit of food.  I opted for the exotic restaurants (because I’m high maintenance) but you did have a choice of simpler fare.

This dish from the Michelin-starred Tamarind of Mayfair is Kappa Meen which is a traditional fish curry  from Kerala made with Kingfish and spices and served with tapioca mash. Although quite spicy, the tapioca toned down some of the hotness, and it was simply delicious.  I can also vouch that the taste was authentic – it tasted just like my mother’s version and she is an amazing cook.

Keralan fish curry

My other love is Southern (American) food and so I just had to try the pulled pork shoulder with jalapeno corn bread and coleslaw.  This dish came from Barbecoa (one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants) and it was excellent as well.  The barbecue sauce had the right amount of tang and the corn bread melted in your mouth.


Onwards and upwards I thought!  I tried a vegetarian dish from Babbo, an Italian restaurant in Mayfair.  It was an acquerello risotto with 8 year-aged organic parmesan.  The risotto was creamy and the parmesan added a delicious crunch.  After the first two dishes, the risotto was very soothing to the palate.


To finish off, there were so many yummy desserts from which to choose.  In the end I went with one of my traditional favourites, a macaroon.  Bar Boulud, one of the restaurants at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, was serving macaron ice cream sandwiches with a strawberry-yogurt filling which tasted as good as it looked.

macaron ice cream sandwich

There were lots of other options, a few pictured below and more uploaded to my Facebook page.

The Taste of London showcases not only food but also wine tastings, a food market and cookery demonstrations.


I opted for the champagne and wine.  Lots of people, however, seemed to like the pina colada in a pineapple.

pineapple drink

If you are in London and a foodie, I would recommend going to Taste of London.  Let me know if you do and what you tried! I’ll make sure it’s on my radar for next year.

6 thoughts on “A Taste of London in Regent’s Park

  1. RaisingDragonBoy

    The food looks amazing! I love the Bar Boulud macaron ice-cream sandwiches! Thanks for sharing…makes me crave for desserts now. : ) Dragon Boy and Mom

  2. Gina

    It was so nice to meet you yesterday! I am loving your blog!!! Selena (Oh, The Places We Will Go) and I went to the Taste of London as well. It was wonderful and I really enjoyed myself. I agree the pulled pork at Barbecoa was excellent! It was a great time. We tried a wonderful desert which had lemon curd, meringue, and pop rocks that fizzed in your mouth ~ fun!

    1. nylonliving Post author

      Thanks! Selena as a Texan would know good pulled pork. The lemon dessert sounds fab. Do you remember which restaurant? I love lemon and meringue combo.

  3. 30smagazine

    We also have Taste of Amsterdam, same organizers. Isn’t it great? I go every year except this year when it was pouring. Luckily we also have a similar thing in my city this weekend: Leiden culinary. Hopefully it’ll stop raining so I can go and blog about it.


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