How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’ve joined the fabulous Annie of Mammasaurus in her link-up which allows me to snoop on other people’s gardens.  I’ve never been able to resist peeking in windows which are not covered.  My garden voyeurism in recent years, however, has been limited to front gardens which in London tend to be fairly small.

My back garden has been pretty much overhauled last year when we refurbished the house.  It’s small but a sun trap.  I’ve been waiting all winter for my garden to start blooming.  It’s very exciting to see some results!

The pleached trees are beginning to reach towards each other.  Although they are still not entwined, I am hopeful by next year they will make contact.  I’ve even put up the string for them to crawl along and they are going every direction but along the string.


As you can see, my 40 year old wisteria is having a complete tantrum and refusing to flower.  Last year we literally had to hack the wisteria back because it was so out of control.

audrey hepburn quote

Clearly, the wisteria is throwing a strop and depriving me of its beautiful flowers. No problem, I can play the long game.

On the other hand, the ferns are going strong!  As are the roses, the grasses, the shrubs and the bedding plants.

For a visit of some other gardens, just click on the badge below.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

8 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Savvy Working Gal

    I’ve always enjoyed looking into people’s homes too. Going for walks at dark works best. I grew up pretty poor, so it is fun for me to see how people really live and decorate their homes. I’ve been gardening for about 15 years and love looking at other people’s gardens for ideas. I visited a garden in my community yesterday. The woman loves to have people tour her garden and then sells a plant or two. She called me an avid gardener… because she said I asked good questions. I wouldn’t go that far.

    Always fun to meet another gardener. Thanks for giving me a peek into yours.

    1. nylonliving Post author

      Well, its from Pinterest which has been known to have dodgy quotes. Just last week I found a quote about cars and Oscar Wilde – but I didn’t think they had cars in his time? My husband thinks they might have. I didn’t have the time to investigate – on my ever-growing to do list!

      Oh yes, I love your 700 word blog — just the right size to keep my attention!

  2. fabfortymum

    What a gorgeous garden and I love your sunken trampoline, what a brilliant idea. Wisteria is stunning, hopefully you will get some blooms soon x

    1. nylonliving Post author

      Thanks! I thought of the sunken trampoline after seeing it at these play parks. It seemed less of an eyesore without all the netting (our garden is tiny). yes, I’m being nice to Stroppy Wisteria, short of singing it love songs — in the hope it will forgive me for its drastic cutting back.


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